Help without touching

We are butterfly children. Every touch makes us suffer.
But you can help without touching.

Use the customized posters with embedded contactless payment
technology.You can make an instant contactless donation of
RUB 100 by just waving your chip card in front of the poster.

The posters are available in the following branches:

Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare, incurable genetic skin disorder that may cause severe pain even after the slightest touch.

The B.E.L.A. Butterfly Children Charity Fund has been set up to help young patients with epidermolysis bullosa and their parents. You can join us in our effort to support Butterfly Children by making a donation to the charity in any way convenient to you.

Each donation is subject to an acquirer fee of RUB 100, which AO Citibank will cover by making an advance transfer of RUB 1,000,000 to The B.E.L.A. Butterfly Children Charity Fund. AO Citibank