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Taxes and Traffic Fines via the Citi Mobile App

Check and pay traffic fines and taxes

How to check and pay traffic fines

  • If you already have your traffic ticket, you’ll only need the unique bill reference number/index (UIN) provided on the ticket to pay it.
    Go to Payments & Transfers > Traffic Fines > Pay Using Bill Index (UIN).
  • To check your traffic fines, you’ll need to search by your driver’s license number and/or vehicle registration certificate number. We recommend that you search by both these numbers, as fines can be linked to either of them.
    Go to Payments & Transfers > Traffic Fines > Check Traffic Fines.
  • You can also check and pay traffic fines and taxes for other persons.

How to check and pay overdue taxes and penalties

  • If you already have your tax bill, find the 20- or 25-digit bill reference number/index (UIN) on it
    Go to Payments & Transfers > Taxes > Pay Using Bill Index (UIN).
  • To check if you have outstanding taxes, you’ll need to search by your taxpayer identification number (INN). Your passport details will be pulled up automatically.
    Go to Payments & Transfers > Taxes and Penalties > Check Taxes.
  • You can also check and pay traffic fines and taxes for other persons.

For your convenience, Citi Mobile will remember the numbers you searched by: up to three driver’s license numbers, vehicle registration certificate numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, passport numbers.

What Else You Can Do in Citi Mobile®?

Getting Started

  • For iPhone and Android device users  go to App Store/Google Play2 and type Citibank RU in the search bar.

    For any mobile phone users  go to mobile.citibank.ru.

  • If you’re new to our digital banking channels, register now. It’ll only take you a couple of minutes. Your Citibank card and your mobile phone are all you need.

    If you’ve used Citibank Online at least once, you already are registered and have your user ID and password; enter them to sign on to Citi Mobile ®.

    If you’ve forgotten your user ID and password, recover your user ID and then reset your password.

  • To access your Citi Mobile® app, enter the user ID and password you set up at registration.

    You can have easier and quicker access to the app if you activate Touch ID/Face ID® (for iPhone) or Fingerprint Scanner (for Android).* To do this, sign on to Citi Mobile® with your user ID and password, go to «Settings» and choose «Touch ID/Face ID» (for iPhone) or «Fingerprint Scanner» (for Android).

    *If you use an Apple iPhone 5S or a later model, or a device running Android 6 and above (except Samsung Galaxy S5). Please note that the feature will be automatically disabled for security reasons, unless you carry out at least one transaction that requires password authentication (e.g., make a transfer to a third party account or book a time deposit) within 90 days.

  • If youve forgotten your user ID and password, recover your user ID and then reset your password.

Security in Citi Mobile

Citi Mobile® app supports the latest security standards to protect your information online.

All data are transmitted using the SSL-protocol with strong encryption.

You can rest assured that your data will not be compromised during transmission.

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What to do if your smartphone has a malware infection

  • Limit the usage of the smartphone. Dont run any banking apps or access any websites that require your personal data (e.g., user ID and password).

  • Using a safe device, change your Citi Mobile password and the passwords you used to log in to other accounts from the infected smartphone.

  • Install a licensed antivirus software and run a full scan of your smartphone.

  • Delete all applications downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Market or Apple Store.

These are all the tips that we have for Apple users. We hope they are helpful.
Android users are also recommended to enable Google Play Protect scanning as a final step (details at
https://www.android .com/intl/ru_ru/play-protect/);
If the above mentioned steps are not helpful, perform a Hard/Factory Reset (reset to factory settings) and format all data storage devices (e.g., memory cards).
Be aware that such reset may result in a complete loss of data (depends on your settings).

Freedom to do more with Citi Mobile!