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Citi Mobile Payments & Transfers

We move money. Fee-free.

You can use Citi Mobile to do any of the following:

  • transfer money between own accounts

  • transfer money to non-Citibank accounts

  • pay bills

0% fee

Create and save templates to make your transfers and payments in just a few clicks.

What Else You Can Do in Citi Mobile®?

Getting Started

  • For iPhone and Android device users — go to App Store/Google Play2 and type «Citibank RU» in the search bar.

    For any mobile phone users — go to mobile.citibank.ru.

  • If you’re new to our digital banking channels, register now. It’ll only take you a couple of minutes. Your Citibank card and your mobile phone are all you need.

    If you’ve used Citibank Online at least once, you already are registered and have your user ID and password; enter them to sign on to Citi Mobile ®.

    If you’ve forgotten your user ID and password, recover your user ID and then reset your password.

  • To access your Citi Mobile® app, enter the user ID and password you set up at registration.

    You can have easier and quicker access to the app if you activate Touch ID/Face ID® (for iPhone) or Fingerprint Scanner (for Android).* To do this, sign on to Citi Mobile® with your user ID and password, go to «Settings» and choose «Touch ID/Face ID» (for iPhone) or «Fingerprint Scanner» (for Android).

    *If you use an Apple iPhone 5S or a later model, or a device running Android 6 and above (except Samsung Galaxy S5). Please note that the feature will be automatically disabled for security reasons, unless you carry out at least one transaction that requires password authentication (e.g., make a transfer to a third party account or book a time deposit) within 90 days.

  • If you’ve forgotten your user ID and password, recover your user ID and then reset your password.

Security in Citi Mobile

Citi Mobile® app supports the latest security standards to protect your information online.

All data are transmitted using the SSL-protocol with strong encryption.

You can rest assured that your data will not be compromised during transmission.

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What to do if your smartphone has a malware infection

  • Limit the usage of the smartphone. Don’t run any banking apps or access any websites that require your personal data (e.g., user ID and password).

  • Using a safe device, change your Citi Mobile password and the passwords you used to log in to other accounts from the infected smartphone.

  • Install a licensed antivirus software and run a full scan of your smartphone.

  • Delete all applications downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Market or Apple Store.

These are all the tips that we have for Apple users. We hope they are helpful.
Android users are also recommended to enable Google Play Protect scanning as a final step (details at
https://www.android .com/intl/ru_ru/play-protect/);
If the above mentioned steps are not helpful, perform a Hard/Factory Reset (reset to factory settings) and format all data storage devices (e.g., memory cards).
Be aware that such reset may result in a complete loss of data (depends on your settings).

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  • How do I start using Citi Mobile app?

    If you are an active user of Citibank Online, you already have the user ID and password required to access Citi Mobile app.

    If you are a first-time user of our online banking channels, you can register for Citi Mobile app and set up your user ID and password, which will be the same for both Citi Mobile® app and Citibank Online.

    You can also register on our website.

    If your device is using Android 4.3 or lower, Citi Mobile will only be accessible via browser at www.mobile.citibank.ru for security purposes.

  • Is there a fee for using Citi Mobile® app?

    Our Citi Mobile app is absolutely free. Internet access fees charged by your mobile network or internet service provider will apply.

  • What types of transfers and payments can I make via Citi Mobile?

    You can use Citi Mobile to make the following types of transfers and payments:

    • Transfers between your own accounts (including credit card balance payments).
    • Transfers to third party Citibank accounts in Russia.
    • Transfers to third party non-Citibank accounts in Russia (individuals and entities, except entities that are Citibank customers).
    • Bill payments (mobile, internet, TV, etc.).
  • Are there any limits on Citi Mobile® transfers and payments?

    Please note that Citi Mobile transfers and payments are subject to the following limits:

    Transfers to third parties’ Citibank or non-Citibank accounts:

    • transaction limit — RUB 300,000;
    • daily limit — RUB 600,000.

    Bill payments:

    • transaction limit — RUB 15,000;
    • daily limit — RUB 30,000 (RUB 15,000 for MTS, Beeline or Megafon payments).

    If your transaction is for an amount in excess of the above limits, please use Citibank® Online. Citibank Online transfers and payments are subject to the following limits:

    Transfers to third parties’ Citibank or non-Citibank accounts:

    • transaction limit and daily limit — USD 50,000 or its ruble equivalent, regardless of your bank service package;

    Bill payments:

    • transaction limit — RUB 15,000;
    • daily limit — RUB 600,000 (RUB 15,000 for MTS, Beeline or Megafon payments).
  • Can I pay traffic fines and taxes and make other budget transfers and payments via Citi Mobile?

    We are working on adding «Traffic Fines and Taxes» to Citi Mobile features.

    You can currently use Citi Mobile to pay traffic fines, taxes and public fees, e.g., school and kindergarten fees, if you already have a bill with a unique bill reference number/index (UIN) on it and your payment is for an amount up to RUB 15,000.

    To do this, you need to create a template and select «Quick Budget Payment (Using UIN Number)» as your payee; it can be found in the «Other Payments» category under «Bill Payments».

    If you don’t have a unique bill reference number/index (UIN) or your payment is for an amount greater than RUB 15,000, please use Citibank Online. Click here for details.

  • Touch ID/Fingerprint Scanner

    Fingerprint authentication available on the Apple iPhone 5S or later models, and on devices running Android 6 and above (except Samsung Galaxy S5), enables access to the Citi Mobile® app without you having to sign on with your user ID and password. iPhone X users can also avail themselves of the Face ID® facial recognition feature. The use of these authentication features is not mandatory — you can always sign on with your user ID and password.

    To enable the feature, make sure that Touch ID/Face ID® or Fingerprint Scanner is activated on your phone, then access the Citi Mobile app, go to «Settings» and select «Touch ID/Face ID®» (for iPhone) or «Fingerprint Scanner» (for Android). The feature will remain active until you delete the user or disable the feature in the app’s settings. The feature will be automatically disabled if you don’t sign on with your password and carry out transactions that require password authentication (e.g., make a transfer to a third party account or book a time deposit) for 90 days. This is a security measure, and every 90 days we will ask you to enter your sign-on password.

    Please note that all the users whose fingerprints are stored on the device will have access to the Citi Mobile® app. The app does not collect, store or use biometric data.

    Touch ID/Face ID® or Fingerprint Scanner may only be accessed from one of your devices and by one of the saved users, at any one time.

    If you lose your phone or suspect that someone may have access to your data, please report this to us immediately by calling CitiPhone (assistance in this matter is available 24/7).

    Citibank may deactivate these authentication features at its discretion in the event of a threat to your personal information.

    Please refer to the Apple website for more information on how to set up and use Touch ID/Face ID®. For information on Fingerprint Scanner, please refer to the device manufacturer’s website.

  • What is and how to enable Citi Mobile Snapshot?

    Citi Mobile Snapshot is a feature enabling you to do the following without having to sign on to the Citi Mobile app:

    • View your account or credit card information (credit limit, pre-authorization holds, reward points, etc.);
    • Check your balance;
    • View the five most recent transactions for each of your accounts.

    If you wish to get more account information or initiate a transaction, sign on to Citi Mobile® app.

    To enable Citi Mobile® Snapshot, sign on to Citi Mobile® app, go to the Settings menu and select Citi Mobile Snapshot.

    The feature will remain active as long as you sign on to Citi Mobile app at least once every 30 days. You can deactivate Citi Mobile® Snapshot using the app’s settings, at any time.

    If the iPhone on which you activate Citi Mobile Snapshot is synchronized with your Apple Watch, the app will automatically appear on your Apple Watch enabling you to view the last transactions on its display. If necessary, you can use the iPhone Watch app to disable Citi Mobile on your Apple Watch.

    Please note that Citi Mobile Snapshot is only available on one of your phones and to one of your saved users, at any one time.

    Please note that Citi Mobile® Snapshot may only be accessed from one of your devices and by one of the saved users, at any one time.

    If you lose your phone or suspect that someone may have access to your data, please report this to us immediately by calling CitiPhone banking (assistance in this matter is available 24/7).

    Citibank may deactivate Citi Mobile Snapshot at its discretion in the event of a threat to your personal information.

  • How to enable or disable Citi Mobile Snapshot on the Apple Watch?

    You can check your balance and view the last five transactions (current, savings and credit card account transactions) on your Apple Watch literally on the go, without even having to sign on to the app. To activate the Snapshot feature, sign on to Citi Mobile using an iPhone synchronized with your Apple Watch, go to «Settings» and choose «Citi Mobile Snapshot».

    If you want Citi Mobile Snapshot to be accessible on your phone only, you can use the iPhone Watch app to disable Citi Mobile on your Apple Watch.

  • What are push notifications and how do they work?

    Push Notifications are delivered via the internet and stored in Citi Mobile under «Push Notifications». You can view your Push Notifications for the last 30 days. You can re-enable SMS messaging in Citibank Online, at any time.

  • What do I do if the Citi Mobile app interface is not displayed correctly?

    If the Citi Mobile® app interface is not displayed correctly, please report this to Citibank:

    • by using the Write to Us form in Citibank Online;
    • by calling CitiPhone banking;
    • by contacting your nearest Citibank branch; or
    • by sending an email.

    To ensure a speedy solution, please describe the situation and provide as many details as possible, including the phone manufacturer and model, the browser you are using, and the date and time when the error occurred. If possible, please attach a screenshot of the incorrectly displaying interface.

  • Is Citi Mobile app secure enough?

    Citi Mobile app supports the latest security standards to protect your information online. All data are transmitted using the SSL-protocol with strong encryption. You can rest assured that your data will not be compromised during transmission.

    We have also implemented additional security features, such as:

    • Automatic logout if you remain inactive for more than five minutes;
    • One-time passwords texted to your mobile phone;
    • Automatic locking of your account after three unsuccessful sign-on attempts;
    • Automatic masking of your account numbers every time you sign on to Citi Mobile app (enabling you to only see the name of the account and the last four digits of the account number).

    For information about Touch ID sensor security, please refer to the Apple website.

  • Do you have any security tips?

    We take every effort to make sure that Citi Mobile app meets all the latest security standards, but we still urge you to take simple precautions to safeguard yourself:

    • Don’t sign on to Citi Mobile app at public internet access points (e.g., cyber cafes) or Wi-Fi hotspots, but if you do, change your user ID and password as soon as possible.
    • Install a reliable antivirus program and keep it up-to-date to protect your mobile device. If possible, install a personal firewall to block any unauthorized connection attempts.
    • Use only licensed software.
    • Secure your device with an automatic password-protected screensaver.
    • Remember, mobile phone security is your responsibility. Make sure you are in control of who uses you phone and has access to your personal information (passwords, fingerprints, etc.).


    • Citibank will never ask for your current PIN or TPIN for transaction purposes in Citi Mobile® app. You only enter your PIN when you activate your card or change your PIN. Your TPIN is only used for identification and authorization purposes when you call CitiPhone banking. Your PIN is only required for ATM transactions and POS purchases.
    • To sign on to Citi Mobile app, you only need to enter your user ID and password. Please note that Citi Mobile app will only ask for your bank card number, its valid thru date, and your date of birth, for the following purposes:

      — Registration (setting up your user ID and password);
      — User ID reminder;
      — Password resetting;
      — Card activation.
  • What do I do if my phone has been lost or stolen?

    If your mobile device has been lost or stolen, please do any of the following to prevent unauthorized access to your account information:

    • Call CitiPhone banking to delete registration in Citibank Online (assistance in this matter is available 24/7);
    • Activate Citi Mobile® Snapshot and/or Touch ID sensor on another device.
Can’t find the answer? Ask us in Citibank Online.