Our payroll solution package is further enhanced by our comprehensive range of saving and investment products to help you protect and grow your capital. You can start by investing small amounts and gradually grow your wealth.

Current Account

Your ruble current account is the account into which your salary is paid. You can also open current accounts in U.S. dollars and euros. You can choose any one of these accounts to be your primary account for bank card transactions. You can change your primary account by calling 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking at any time.

Savings Account

A savings account in rubles or foreign currency earns interest while providing you with instant round-the-clock access to your money. To open a savings account in rubles, U.S. dollars or euros, please visit your nearest Citibank branch, or fill out an application at the time when a Citibank representative is in attendance at your Company's office.

Tiered Savings Account

While retaining all the features of a regular savings account, a tiered savings account offers extra advantages, such as:

  • progressive returns depending on the account balance,
  • convenient saving for long-term goals (RUB deposits).

Time Deposits

Our time deposits offer security and attractive interest rates. You can invest in an unlimited number of ruble or foreign currency deposits out of your current of savings account making the most of your surplus funds.

You can also benefit from more complex savings products, such as:

Our partner insurers have developed insurance programs specifically designed for Citibank customers: