You will be issued a debit card, and your salary will be paid into your ruble current account linked to that card.

Benefit from the convenience of shopping with your card

  • Your debit card entitles you to discounts from Citibank partner merchants and special promotional offers, and is a safe and convenient way to pay for all your purchases.
  • Safe. You do not need to carry large sums of money around anymore, and if your card is lost or stolen, you can have it blocked immediately.
  • Convenient. If your purchase transaction is cancelled, a refund will be credited to your account.
  • No surcharge. You only pay the purchase price without extra charges.
  • No loose change in your pocket.
  • Your participation in promotions can win you a trip or any other prize or a promotion gift.

Feeling safe and secure

We are committed to the safety and security of your transactions. You will choose a PIN for your card on your own, without involving Citibank staff, which means that your PIN will be known to you and you alone. You can change your PIN at any time through Citibank Online, CitiPhone or at a Citibank ATM.

You will need to use your TPIN or an OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your mobile number to access CitiPhone. You can change your TPIN at any time by calling CitiPhone.

Your bank card is a valuable item and you must exercise care when handling the card in order to mitigate the risk of its theft, loss or card-related fraud. You must not let other people use the bank card and never take advice from strangers while using it. You must keep your PIN and TPIN secret and confidential since they are an important means of protection for your accounts. In the event of unauthorized use of your bank card, PIN or TPIN, there is a risk that you would lose the funds held in your accounts.


Changing your primary current account

In addition to your ruble current account, you can also open accounts in US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Swiss francs, Japanese yens, South African rands, Singapore dollars, New Zealand dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Czech korunas, Danish krones, Norwegian krones, Swedish kronas, Polish zlotys, Hong Kong dollars at no extra charge. Your ruble current account will, by default, be your primary account for bank card transactions. You can change your primary account at any time (e.g., if you plan to travel outside Russia and want the euro account to be your primary current account to minimize currency conversion costs). To do this, call CitiPhone or use Citibank Online or the Citi Mobile app. You can also activate "Citi Global Wallet" using the Citi Mobile app.

If your card is lost or stolen

As soon as you realize that your card is lost or stolen, call CitiPhone, get the card block menu and have your card blocked by a CitiPhone banker. A new card will be issued and sent to your mailing address, or else you can collect it from a Citibank branch where it will be issued in your presence. Alternatively, you can use Citibank Online. Your existing card will be blocked at the time of the request. The new card will be issued and delivered to you by courier. Please note that we charge a fee for this service. If you are unsure that your card is really lost or stolen, you can block it temporarily, in which case you can then unblock the card by another call to CitiPhone without being issued a replacement card.

If your card is retained by a cash machine

  • If your card is retained by a cash machine at a Citibank branch
  • During business hours, please ask a staff member for help,
  • On a weekend or after business hours, please call CitiPhone for card reissue. We recommend that you go to the card block menu to speak to a CitiPhone banker.
  • If your card is retained by a Citibank cash machine other than at a Citibank branch, please report this by calling CitiPhone. You will be told where and when to pick up your card.
  • If your card is retained by a non-Citibank cash machine, please report this by calling 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking. Your card will be blocked and you will be issued a new one.

A supplementary card for your friend or family member

For the issue of a supplementary card, the cardholder and the authorized user will need to complete an application form at a Citibank branch. Both the cardholder and the authorized user will need to bring their passports* with them.

If you have any questions or need any help

Call 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking. Send us an inquiry through Citibank Online. To do this, go to "Services" and click on "Write to Us". Visit a Citibank branch. Contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.

* For Russian citizens. Nonresidents need to call CitiPhone to enquire about acceptable identity documents.