Automatic Equal Payment Plan

Save time and money!

Want to pay less interest without calling the bank after each purchase? Use our Automatic Equal Payment Plan!



The Automatic Equal Payment Plan (AutoEPP) combines all the advantages of Equal Payment Plan (EPP) with more attractive interest rates1.


  • You choose your AutoEPP trigger amount (minimum RUB 1,800). All transactions2 in excess of that amount will be automatically booked as EPP transactions3.
  • You can change your AutoEPP instruction at any time.


You can choose between repayment terms of one to three years4.

No fee

You can deactivate your AutoEPP at any time without incurring a fee.

Frequently asked questions

1 The AutoEPP interest rate is determined on an individual basis in the relevant offer and may vary between 18% and 28.9% per annum.

2 Under paragraph 7.16 of the Credit Card Terms and Conditions, Citibank may refuse to accept any Customer transaction as being an EPP Transaction without giving a reason.

3 Transactions carried out with the use of your own funds may not be booked as AutoEPP transactions.

4 AutoEPP is available for 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

With the Automatic Equal Payment Plan service enabled for the Stockmann-City credit card, only purchases made in Stockmann stores exceeding the amount you set will be automatically registered under the Equal Payment Plan at the reduced rate of 18%. The rest of your purchases and cash withdrawals in excess of the amount you set will automatically be registered under the Equal Payment Plan at a reduced interest rate, depending on the term of installments.