Citibank credit cards it’s state of the art payment instrument, opportunity to spend the bank’s money with no charge and get discounts and bonuses.


Grace period

If your balance is paid on time, you pay no interest and can spend the bank’s money absolutely free of charge for up to 50 days.


Interest rate reduction program

Through our programs you can reduce the interest rate on purchases, as well as save on cash withdrawal fees using a Citibank card. Plan your budget and buy more!


Discounts from partners

Buying with Citibank is both easy and profitable! Citibank cardholders receive a 20% discount at over 5,000 partner stores.


Bonus points

When paying for your everyday purchases with Citibank credit cards, you receive extra benefits — bonus points that can be spent on air travel, telephone minutes, gasoline, purchases at any store with whatever card you have chosen.

Promo campaigns

All Citibank cardholders and active users can take part in special events and promotions by Citibank and its partners. Use your card for an opportunity to get prizes and gifts, invitations to private parties, trips to major world sport events, and much more!



24-hour service

24-hour banking service anywhere you go.


Citi Express Service

Citibank credit card will make you forget about waiting in lines! The Citi Express service allows you to pay for travel on the metro and surface transportation in Moscow with the simple touch of a credit card to the turnstile.


Additional Credit Card

Citibank helps you take care of your loved ones. Order additional credit cards for your account so that you can support your loved even when you are far away. You will also receive more bonus points and discounts on each additional card!


Money is always on hand

With a Citibank card, the money you need is always on hand! You can always buy what you need, go on an unplanned vacation, or seize the moment at a big sale!

One-touch purchase

Paying with a MasterCard PayPass card is quite simple: place the card against the reader and a payment is made. Before paying, make sure that the amount on the screen matches the price of your purchase.

Easy to repay

Do you think that paying off your balance — means long lines and constant agitation about how quickly the credits pile up? We will revolutionize your concept of repayment options! With Citibank, you can quickly repay a debt for no extra charge by Eleksnet terminals, Citibank ATMs, Citibank Online, mail, CitiPhone, or set up automatic payments.


Revolving credit facility

With a Citibank credit card, a credit line of up to 600,000 rubles will be available for you. A credit line is money you can always rely on and use whenever you need it. Every time you replenish your credit card, your credit line is renewed!


A world famous bank

Citibank is presented on all continents, is one of Russia's major banks and part of Citigroup, guaranteeing you access to a range of world class services.

Global coverage

A Citibank credit card lets you make purchases or pay for services practically anywhere in the world. Using your card abroad, cash is no longer a problem – anywhere you go. You can also pay for your shopping reliably and economically with a Citibank credit card!


State of the art payment instrument

Millions of people all over the world, who prefer convenient shopping, choose credit cards. Today it is a state of the art payment instrument that combines convenience and state of the art financial security technologies, and also offers additional discounts and bonus points.

World MasterCard

Discover the special privileges offered to World MasterCard holders and the highest possible level of service regardless of your current location.


EMV chip

A new integrated chip raises the security of your money to a whole new level.

  • An integrated chip is practically impossible to forge
  • All transactions on the card are authenticated with a PIN

In addition, by a card with a chip you may pay in a foreign country, as some points of sale do not accept cards that only have a magnetic strip.


Citibank Alerting Service

Citibank Alerting Service is an instant notification via SMS or e-mail of every transaction on your credit card. You will always be aware of every transactions!



Life offers a lot of surprises. We can protect you from the unpleasant ones. Our special insurance programs will protect you anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Payment security

Citibank cardholders can quickly and safely pay for products and services over the internet. Shop comfortably without leaving your home!


200 million clients

around the world trust and choose Citibank.

The credit card is made available solely at the discretion of Citibank. All terms and conditions of the credit card agreement are available at AO Citibank.