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Due to the change in terms and conditions of the contract between Citibank and MTS, starting from 01 January 2016, MTS-Citibank credit cards will be automatically exchanged for CASH BACK credit cards of Citibank on special terms, before they expire1.
Before your MTS-Citibank card expires (expiration date is written on the face of the card), CASH BACK2 credit card will be issued and sent to you on special terms1.
All bonuses accrued on MTS-Citibank card will be still available at your bonus account and you can use them at any time in accordance with the rules of MTS Bonus program.
Don’t wait for expiration of the card and get CASH BACK credit card on special terms right now!
Special offer
Get CASH BACK card and receive 5% back to the account when paying for utilities, mobile and telephone communications, Internet and other services through remote channels of Citibank1.
Advantages of CASH BACK credit card:
Annual bonus of the received benefit for a year3;
to the account in a category to be determined by Citibank once in 3 months;
of the amount of any purchases will be returned to your account4.
How to use the special offer?
Go to Citibank branch and file application for card type change from MTS-Citibank to CASH BACK card
Activate CASH BACK credit card within 60 days from the date of issue
Pay for services through remote channels of Citibank within 150 days from the date when CASH BACK card was issued1.
If your new CASH BACK credit card is not activated within 60 calendar days2 from the date of issue, your original MTS-Citibank credit card will be no longer available for use.
Please see Terms & Conditions for promo campaign.
1. Special offer is available to individuals non-resident or resident in the Russian Federation for tax purposes holding primary MTS-Citibank credit cards or MTS-Citibank Premium credit cards issued by Citibank who applied for the exchange of MTS-Citibank credit card or MTS-Citibank Premium credit card for primary Cash Back World MasterCard Citibank credit card or for which card type was changed automatically by Citibank. Promo campaign is held between 15 October 2015 and 31 August 2019. Period of applying for a card is between 15 October 2015 and 31 January 2019. In order to take part in promo campaign it’s required to activate Cash Back World MasterCard credit card within 60 days from the date of issue. Period within which you can receive benefits for operations under the special offer is 150 days from the date when a new Cash Back World MasterCard card is issued. To receive benefits one should pay for the following services through remote channels of Citibank: mobile communications, telephone communications, Internet, TV, fines, taxes, penalties and state duties, utility payments, security systems. Citibank remote channels are: Citibank® Online, Citi Mobile®, Citibank ATMs, IVR/CitiPhone automatic system. Benefits under the special offer may not exceed three thousand roubles (RUR 3,000) for the whole period of the promo campaign. Benefits are subject to taxes in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. The amount of benefits is specified before taxes. You can find out the date of issue of a new Cash Back World MasterCard by calling Citiphone on +7(495)775-75-75 (for Moscow), +7(812) 336-75-75 (for Saint-Petersburg), 8 (800) 700-36-38 (for other cities of the Russian Federation). The promotion is organized by АО Citibank. Please see full terms and conditions of the promo campaign and details of the reward and how and when it will be awarded.
2. If more than 60 calendar days prior to the expiration of your MTS-Citibank credit card you are issued with a new CASH BACK World MasterCard credit card, your new CASH BACK World MasterCard must be activated within 60 calendar days of its issue date. If your new CASH BACK World MasterCard is not activated within the specified period, your original MTS-Citibank card will become unavailable for use.
If less than 60 calendar days prior to the expiration of your MTS-Citibank credit card you are issued with a new CASH BACK World MasterCard credit card, your new CASH BACK World MasterCard must be activated before the expiration date of your original MTS-Citibank card (the expiration date is on the front of the card). For new CASH BACK World MasterCard credit card you will receive all supplementary cards that were previously issued for your original MTS-Citibank card.
3. Additional benefit for CASH BACK World MasterCard credit card amounts to 10% of the benefits accrued on the account within a year in accordance with the terms and conditions of issuance and service of credit cards.
4. Benefits will be accrued on CASH BACK World MasterCard credit card when the client executes any transactions with the credit card account, except for cash withdrawal transactions, transfer of money from a credit card account to a third party account with Citibank or other bank or to the client’s own account with Citibank (e.g. under «Universal Transfer» and «Universal Transfer Plus» schemes) or other bank, payment of Citibank’s services, payment of insurance premium and transfer of other payments under insurance schemes offered through Citibank as well as for unique (quasi-cash) and other transactions which are not goods, works and services purchase transactions. The list of such transactions may be changed by Citibank at its discretion. The benefits received are subject to taxes as provided by the laws of the Russian Federation. If a transaction for purchase of goods, works or services is cancelled (returned), benefits will not be accrued or will be decreased by the transaction amount in the current and next reporting periods for previously accrued benefits.
The credit card is made available solely at the discretion of Citibank. All terms and conditions of the credit card agreement are available at АО Citibank.