Second Credit Card from Citibank

Get more bonuses!

A second Citibank credit card offers not only an additional source of funds but also a new way of looking at the services you have been accustomed to.

If you are a frequent flyer, if the mobile phone is an important part of your everyday life, if you value your time or just enjoy good shopping and receiving discounts, you have an opportunity to apply for a second credit card!

With a second credit card you can get a new credit limit and enjoy rewards on Citi Select cards or take all privileges of Citi Simplicity or Citibank Mastercard credit cards.

Key benefits

  • Rewards and bonus points

Choose the second credit card that suits you best!

  • Citi Select credit card
  • MTS Citibank credit card
  • Citibank MasterCard
Citi Select credit card

Citi Select credit card

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*A 20% reward will be payable on purchases charged to the customer’s Citi Select World Mastercard or Citi Select Premium World Mastercard credit card during 120 days from the card approval date. The promotion will be held between 24.04.2018 and 24.04.2019. The maximum reward amount - RUB 5,000. The reward is not subject to tax. The promotion «Cashback 20% for all purchases» is organized by AO Citibank.
Citi Simplicity credit card

Citi Simplicity credit card3

Citibank MasterCard

Citibank MasterCard

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Condition of application

  • Proof of income1

A simple and convenient way of tracking your expenses

All transactions on your second credit card will be shown on separate monthly statements.

You can also track your expenses in real time

How to apply for a second credit card

If you are already a Citibank credit card holder, you can apply for your second credit card and provide at any Citibank branch:

  • Proof of income (in case you need to increase your existing credit limit)
  • Application on existing credit limit separation.

Just choose what suits you best and receive a second credit card!

Please also check the Credit Card terms and conditions for consumers.

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1A decision to offer you an additional credit limit on your second credit card will be made solely at Citibank's discretion based on your proof of income. Please note that Citibank will establish such credit limit in its sole discretion and may decrease, increase or cancel it at any time. Citibank will advise you in writing of any change to your credit limit. Your documented after-tax income must be no less than RUB 30,000 per month.

2The service is chargeable in accordance with Citibank tariffs.

3The bank makes decisions to issue credit cards and set credit limits after a thorough review of the information provided in the application and other documents to ensure eligibility under the credit policy. Therefore, the credit limit may vary from the one in this offer. See for full contract terms. The loan repayment period is determined by AO Citibank at the time of transaction.