Citi Select credit card

Universal bonus points.

A diversity of partner programs.

Universal bonus points

Citi Select is a unique credit card that offers amazing opportunities. Each purchase with the card will earn you reward points, or Selects, redeemable for partner promo codes or bonus points.1 You may also exchange your Select Points for cash using the services "CASH BACK Pro" or Pay with Select Points".

I went out to dinner, paid RUB 3,000 and then got my money back by redeeming Select Points via CASH BACK Pro quick and easy!
24 000 selects

Monthly purchases by Citi Select Premium for RUB 30 000 a year

3 000

for your dinner at the restaurant

Participating merchant categories:


any cafes and restaurants
8 Selects = RUB 1


any hotel bookings, airline and railway tickets, car rentals
8 Selects = RUB 1

Filling Stations

petrol at any filling station
8 Selects = RUB 1


any purchases at M.Video stores
8 Selects = RUB 1

Movie Theaters

tickets to any movie theater
8 Selects = RUB 1


taxi rides from Gett
8 Selects = RUB 1


supermarkets, clothing and grocery stores
8 Selects = RUB 1

Other advantages:

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1. Select Points will be earned and redeemed in accordance with the Citi Select Program Rules. Details are available at and Some transactions may be subject to taxation under Russian tax law. Where this is the case, Citibank and/or Partner will be required to properly notify tax authorities of the income/benefit received by the individual and, if necessary, withhold the tax. Prior to the purchase of goods or services for Partner Points, the Member needs to contact the concerned Partner for additional information and clarification and familiarize him/herself with the Partner Program Terms and Conditions. No Welcome Select Points are awarded when you change your credit card type or have your card reissued or reopened.

2. Discounts are made available at the discretion of, and subject to the procedure set by, the said companies. AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. and their affiliates accept no liability whatsoever for the offers of such companies, including in connection with the availability of any discounts. Discount details are provided based on information received from the companies. The discounts are not cumulative with any other discounts or special offers. The offers are limited in time.

The credit card is made available at Citibank's discretion. The annual fee for the Citi Select World MasterCard card is RUB 950, for the Citi Select Premium World MasterCard card — RUB 2,950. The annual interest rate is between 20.9% and 32.9%. The credit limit is set on an individual basis, as follows: up to RUB 300,000 on the Citi Select credit card, up to RUB 600,000 on the Citi Select Premium credit card. All terms and conditions of the agreement and the tariffs are available at Any credit becomes due and payable on demand. AO Citibank.

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