EMV Chip

New Technologies in Your Wallet

Citibank credit cards Citibank credit cards1 come with an embedded chip2 to provide added security for your money.

Please note that only Citi Select, Citibank MasterCard, Citibank MasterCard Gold,
Aeroflot-Citibank, Aeroflot-Citibank Premium, Miles & More, CASH BACK, CITI SIMPLICITY, Citi PremierMiles credit cards are currently enabled with this technology.

In addition to the traditional way of payment by using the magnetic stripe and signing the receipt slip, you can now pay by using Chip-and-PIN.


Taking security to a new level:

  • Chip cards are virtually impossible to duplicate
  • All chip card transactions require PIN entry

Chip cards offer unimpeded shopping outside of Russia, as some merchants might not accept cards that are not chip-enabled.


All point-of-sale transactions or ATM cash withdrawals with a chip card require PIN entry.

Online purchases do not require PIN entry.

Chip-and-PIN transactions are only possible if the terminal supports Chip-and-PIN. If there is no such terminal or it is not operational, you can pay using the magnetic stripe.

Card use tips

If your card is chip-enabled2, we recommend that you use it at an ATM first after you have set up and after each time your change your PIN.

The following ATM services are available free of charge at Citibank ATMs in Russia:

  • Balance enquiry
  • Bill payment

At non-Citibank ATMs:

  • Balance enquiry

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1 The credit card is made available solely at the discretion of Citibank. All terms and conditions of the credit card agreement are available at www.citibank.ru. AO Citibank.

2 EMV® chip.