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Citibank offers a new service to its clients: Grace period. Now, Citibank credit card holders can use their credit line free of charge over a certain period of time.

Millions of people around the world use Citibak credit cards with a Grace period not only as an interest free loan but also as a safe and convenient means of everyday payments. You just spend the bank's funds, repay each month before the date of the bank statement, and pay no interest. The Grace period duration depends on the date of purchase and extends up to 50 days.

How it works:



On the 1st of January you buy a freezer for 10,000 rubles using your Citibank credit card. At the end of January you receive a monthly credit card statement showing the amount owed (i.e., 10,000 rubles) and the repayment deadline (February 20th).

Should you repay the total amount owed before February 20th, you don't pay any interest for using the credit line for this amount. So the Grace period may last for up to 50 days depending on the date of your purchase!

If you do not repay the total amount owed before the stated date, interest on credit is charged under normal conditions in full from the time of the debt's incurrence.

Important: Grace period does not apply to Equal Payments Plan (EPP) and cash withdrawal transactions, including quasi-cash block transactions defined by payment systems as transactions in highly liquid assets (e.g. money orders, payment for casino and gambling house services, etc.) and transfers from your credit card to a third party's account or your account in other banks of Russia.

Grace period block

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