Insurance products for
credit card holders

Citibank in cooperation with leading insurance companies take care of its clients, offering a new range of insurance products for Citibank credit card holders:

  • Citi Insurance of a credit card holder — your protection from nonpayment of a credit card balance due and additional financial support. In case of insurance event, an insurance company not only will make payments on the Citibank credit card balance but will also support financially you and your family under insurance program conditions.
  • Citi Protection against personal accidents — regardless of the circumstances. Always. Payment against the following accidents: injury and treatment in a hospital, as well as more serious cases, permanent total disability or death.

Any insurance product gives you the following advantages:

  • Unique offers from leading Russian and international insurance companies produced specially for Citibank clients
  • 24-hour, year-round protection around the world

Participation in any program is voluntary and has no effect on eligibility for other bank products and services.

How to apply for a program

You can apply for the insurance program in any Citibank branch.

How to get more information about programs

Please, call CitiPhone Banking and obtain information on access to an insurance service.

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Citi Insurance of a credit card holder and Citi Insurance against personal accidents are programs offered by ООО "Strakhovaya Kompaniya CIV Life" (Licenses SJ №4105, SL №4105 dated September 8, 2015 issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). AO Citibank, Citigroup, Inc. and its other affiliated persons, state authorities, and the Russian Federation are not responsible for insurance companies' fulfillment of their obligations as per insurance agreements and insurance programs. These insurance programs are not of an investment nature and provide no refund for the past insurance period.