MegaFon-Citibank credit card

Always in touch with your credit card

MegaFon-Citibank credit card

Due to the change in terms and conditions of the contract between Citibank and MegaFon, starting from 01 January 2016, MegaFon-Citibank credit cards will be automatically exchanged for CASH BACK credit cards of CITIBANK on special terms, before they expire.


MegaFon-Citibank credit card is a unique combination of all the advantages of a Citibank credit card and the privileges of the MegaFon Bonus program. With MegaFon-Citibank credit card you'll always be in touch, just by making daily purchases and accumulating bonus points. You can use your accumulated bonus points to purchase MegaFon-Moscow network services.

Make use of all advantages of MegaFon-Citibank credit card!


MasterCard® PayPass "Tap and Go" contactless payment technology.1

Revolving credit line up to 300,000 rubles.


100 minutes

of local calling free after your first purchase using MegaFon-Citibank credit card.

250 minutes

of local calling free for subscribing to the automatic account replenishment service2.


bonus point for each RUB 30 spent on MegaFon-Moscow communication services (more than 3%)3.


of transaction amounts under the terms of the automatic account replenishment service.


of the amount of purchases made using MegaFon-Citibank credit card4.



Revolving line

up to RUB 300,000

Annual percent rate


Annual fee

RUB 950

1 If a MasterCard® PayPass terminal is defective or unavailable, a transaction can be performed with the "contact method," using the chip or magnetic strip of the card. For transactions of more than 1,000 rubles, you will be required to enter your PIN or sign a receipt (slip). When making purchases outside of Russia, ask the employee at the point of sale about the size of the limit mentioned above.

2 To activate the service, apply at any MegaFon-Moscow center or quick-service office and sign the appropriate agreement with a MegaFon-Moscow operator. Bring your passport and MegaFon-Citibank credit card with you.

3 Bonus points are now awarded for paid information and entertainment services as well as for roaming services.

4 The Rewards Rules are available in the «Tariffs and Conditions» section.

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