Neste Oil-Citibank credit card

Get more for less price with
Neste Oil-Citibank credit card

Neste Oil-Citibank credit card

Due to the change in terms and conditions of the contract between Citibank and Neste Oil petrol stations, starting from 01 January 2016, Neste Oil-Citibank credit cards will be automatically exchanged for CASH BACK credit cards of CITIBANK on special terms, before they expire.


Neste Oil-Citibank credit card provides all the opportunities and convenience of a credit card plus network benefits at Neste Oil fuel stations.

Use your credit card for everyday purchases, internet transactions, utility bill payments and get bonus rubles, which you can use to pay for fuel or services at Neste Oil fuel stations.

Make use of all advantages of Citibank credit cards!

Revolving credit line1

MasterCard® PayPass "Tap and Go" contactless payment technology.2



of each purchase3 comes back to you as a reward on your Neste Oil magnetic card.4

1,000 bonus rubles

will be sent to your Neste Oil magnetic card after your first purchase using Neste Oil-Citibank credit card.5

2,000 bonus rubles

will be credited to your Neste Oil magnetic card after your first purchase using Neste Oil-Citibank Premium.5


Bonus rubles will be awarded once you have charged a minimum of RUB 10,000 to your Neste Oil-Citibank / Neste Oil-Citibank Premium credit card within two months of card issue.

Neste Oil-Citibank

Neste Oil-Citibank

Neste Oil-Citibank Premium

Neste Oil-Citibank Premium

Revolving line

up to RUB 300,000

up to RUB 600,000

Annual percent rate



Annual fee

RUB 1,450

RUB 3,950


neste2 Neste Oil-Citibank Premium credit card — it is your status, prestige and special privileges. With the Premium credit card you enjoy lowered percent rate, extended credit line and priority services in CitiPhone.


1 Up to RUB 300,000 by Standard cards, up to RUB 600,000 by Premium cards.

2 The Rewards Rules are available in the «Tariffs and Conditions» section.

3 You can receive your Neste Oil magnetic card at one of Neste gas stations, subject to approval for Neste Oil-Citibank credit card. Neste Oil gas station representatives will contact you to for the delivery address. Magnetic card Neste Oil is issued according to LTD "Neste Oil Sankt-Petersburg", Price of the magnetic card Neste by is charged by LTD "Neste Oil Sankt-Petersburg" according to its current tariffs.The conversion rate is set per the Russian Central Bank exchange rate on the date of purchase.

4 After making over 10,000 rubles of purchases with your Citi Select credit card within 60 days of issuing the card, each new holder of a primary Citi Select credit card will receive welcome select points. The moment a card is issued shall be the date the bank approves the application for the Citi Select program. You can find out the exact card issue date by calling the CitiPhone service.

The credit card is made available solely at the discretion of Citibank. All terms and conditions of the credit card agreement are available at AO Citibank.

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