Citi PremierMiles World Mastercard®

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Earn Citi Miles Faster

1 Citi Mile for every RUB 30 of your ruble spend 3.
Комиссия за снятие наличных

Redeem Citi Miles

You can redeem Citi Miles for cashback into your account, or for our partners’ rewards in various categories
Штрафы за просрочку платежа

Non-expirable miles

Citi Miles will not expire even if you do not use them for a long time.

Top 3 credit card features

Citi Paywise (Transaction)

Turn any big purchases into small payments

Citi Paywise (Statement)

Turn statements into small payments

Citi Quick Cash

Instant cash to get things done right away

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How to use Citi Miles?

You can easily redeem Citi Miles for partner points, or you can get back what you spent on purchases using CASH BACK Pro!


3,375 Citi Miles

RUB - 1,500 to dine in a café or restaurant (using CASH BACK Pro).


2,500 Citi Miles

RUB 1,000 to buy gas at gas stations (CASH BACK Pro).

1,250 Citi Miles

RUB 500 to pay for a taxi ride (CASH BACK Pro).
24,000 Citi Miles

An promo code for RUB 10,000.

27,000 Citi Miles

15,000 points to purchase an air ticket

KrisFlyer ETIHAD
40,000 Citi Miles

25,000 points to purchase an air ticket.

Apply for your Citi PremierMiles card now!

Кредитный лимит до 3 000 000 руб.

RUB 3,000,000

credit limit5.

Без годового обслуживания


for the first year

Дней льготный период


grace period6.

  • Russian Resident.
  • Minimum 20 years of age.
  • Residence and employment in Moscow or Moscow Region, St. Petersburg or Leningrad Region, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar.
  • Monthly income equal to or greater than RUB 30,000.

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Citibank’s Citi PremierMiles World Mastercard credit card combines flight benefits, hotel benefits, car rental benefits, and many other essentials of comfortable travel. Use your Citi PremierMiles card to pay for everyday purchases in-store or online in Russia or anywhere else in the world, and earn your Citi Miles. You can choose how to spend your Citi Miles — plan an exciting journey or get a portion of your spend back into your account. ** Average monthly spend 1. After completing any purchase(s) with the Citi PremierMiles World MasterCard credit card within 90 days of card issue date, each new Citi PremierMiles card holder will receive Welcome Citi Miles. The card issue date means the date on which your Citi PremierMiles application is approved by the bank. You can check the date of card issue by calling CitiPhone®. 2. A 100% discount on the first year’s annual fee is provided to all cardholders participating in the “A Careless Year” promotion. The promotion is organized by AO Citibank and will be held between October 1, 2019, and October 10, 2020. The terms and conditions of the promotion are available from Citibank branches or here. The discount will be cancelled if you change your card type. The non-discounted annual fee for the Citi PremierMiles World Mastercard® credit card is RUB 2,950. 3. Citi Miles will be earned and redeemed in accordance with the Citi PremierMiles Program Rules. 4. Discounts are made available at the discretion of, and subject to the procedure set by, the partner companies. AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. and their affiliates accept no liability whatsoever for the offers of such companies, including in connection with the availability of any discounts. Discount details are provided based on the information received from the companies. The discounts are not cumulative with any other discounts or special deals, unless otherwise stated in the companies’ offers. Details are available at and 5. A credit limit is set on an individual basis, at Citibank’s discretion, in an amount up to RUB 450,000 for new customers and may be increased up to RUB 1,500,000, or up to RUB 3,000,000 for Citigold® and Citigold Private Client® Customers. 6. No grace period will apply to EPP and cash advance transactions, unique transactions defined by payment systems as transactions in highly liquid assets (e.g. money orders, payment for casino and gambling house services, etc.), and transfers from the credit card account to a third party account or to your non-Citibank account. The credit card is issued at Citibank’s discretion. Interest rates are determined on an individual basis at 20.9–32.9% per annum. Any credit becomes due and payable on demand. AO Citibank