Citi PremierMiles

All you need for travel, in one card!


Citibank's Citi PremierMiles World MasterCard credit card combines flights, hotel booking, car rental and many other things for your travel comfort! Use your Citi PremierMiles card to pay for your daily shopping, perform online transactions in Russia or anywhere else in the world, and collect your Citi bonus miles1. You can choose how to spend your accumulated miles — plan an exciting journey or get some of your spending credited back to your account!

30 rubles 1 mile

Get 1 Citi mile for every 30 rubles you spend using your Citi PremierMiles card2

1,000 miles

Get your welcome Citi miles as soon as you make your first purchases using the credit card3


Citi miles don't expire!

You can convert your miles into money to be credited back to your account, or spend them to get rewards with partner companies in various categories:

  • hotels;
  • tourist services;
  • airlines;
  • car rental;
  • taxi.

Other advantages:

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1. Citi Miles will be earned and redeemed in accordance with the Citi PremierMiles Program Rules. See for more details. Some transactions may be subject to taxation under Russian tax law. Where this is the case, Citibank and/or Partner will be required to properly notify tax authorities of the income/benefit received by the individual and, if necessary, withhold the tax. Prior to the purchase of goods or services for Partner Points, the Member needs to contact the concerned Partner for additional information and clarification and familiarize him/herself with the Partner Program Terms and Conditions. No Citi Miles are awarded when you change your credit card type or have your card reissued or reopened.

2. The Rewards Rules are available in the «Tariffs and Conditions» section.

3. After completing any purchase(s) with the Citi PremierMiles World MasterCard credit card within 90 days of card issue date, each new Citi PremierMiles card holder will receive Welcome Citi Miles. The card issue date means the date on which your Citi PremierMiles application is approved by the bank. You can check the date of card issue by calling CitiPhone.

The Citi PremierMiles World MasterCard credit card is made available at Citibank's discretion. The annual fee is RUB 2,950. The interest rate on transactions other than Equal Payment Plan transactions is determined on an individual basis between 20.9% and 32.9% per annum. All terms and conditions of the agreement and the tariffs are available at Any credit becomes due and payable on demand.

AO Citibank.