Ways of repayment

A wide range of repayment options!

Communicating with Citibank is easy and convenient! For example, you needn't waste time making credit card
repayment — waiting in line, worrying about crediting dates or searching for the nearest ATM. To save you time and effort we offer various repayment options. You just need to choose the one that's convenient for you!

Repayment options

In addition, if you have a current Citibank account you can:

You can find the account number to which payments on your credit card are made in your monthly credit card statement at Citibank Online or call CitiPhone.

To make a bank transfer without opening an account in Sberbank or Moscow Industrial Bank branches you can fill in
Form PD-4. This form is available at any Sberbank or Moscow Industrial Bank branch.

You can also make transfers from your accounts in other banks using their internal forms and regulations.

For your PIL/CC delinquency questions please call us at 8 (800) 700-77-55 (Russia toll free).

To call from another country please use +7 (495) 783-63-80.

Get notified via e-mail when your bank statement is ready

You can also subscribe to the free Electronic Statement service. As soon as your statement is generated, you receive e-mail notification and can view your account statement via Citibank Online.

Terms of repayment

  • You can repay your credit card balance in full or in several installments of the minimum payment amount or any other amount — from 5 to 100% of the amount owed.
  • The minimum monthly payment is 5% of the total amount owed (but not less than RUB 300)*.
  • You can repay earlier than the date indicated in your bank statement.
  • If you repay the full amount before the date indicated in your monthly statement, no interest is charged for using the credit line (Grace period).
  • After full or partial repayment, the available credit card limit is increased by the repayment amount.
  • Please note that the amount refunded to your credit card by any retailer reduces your current debt but cannot be considered repayment as per the bank statement. To enjoy the benefits of the Grace period you must repay the full amount as per the bank statement.

Debt Restructuring

We offer various debt restructuring programs to our current clients. If you are having difficulty paying off your credit card balance, please call us at:

  • +7 (495) 589-29-62.

Business hours: daily 10AM to 7PM (except Saturday and Sunday).

Activate your card online Free money transfer at Citibank Online

* The stated amount is due payable according to item 2.6 of the Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, the minimum payment amount is calculated according to item 2.5 of the Terms and Conditions.

1 Some types of transactions are chargeable. For more information, please, address Citibank branches or find information at www.citibank.ru.