Citi Simplicity

Citi Simplicity

New Citi Simplicity credit card was designed to be easy to use. Straightforward and refreshingly uncomplicated. All service and card transaction terms have been kept as simple and convenient as possible; this means the Simplicity credit card is perfect for those looking for their first experience with credit products. Despite the transparent usage, new card holders have access to every privilege, service and advantage.

Use the credit card for your daily shopping in Russia and around the world, pay for utilities, communications and many other purposes without any fees or cash withdrawal commissions — even conduct online transactions!

Other advantages:

Apply online for a credit card right now!
It takes not more than a minute!
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The bank makes its credit card decision and sets the credit and cash advance limits on an individual basis after having carefully considered the information provided in the application and other documents to make sure the customer meets the bank's credit criteria. The interest rate on transactions other than Equal Payment Plan transactions is determined on an individual basis between 22.9% and 32.9% per annum. The credit limit is set on an individual basis in an amount up to RUB 300,000. All terms and conditions of the agreement and the tariffs are available at Any credit becomes due and payable on demand. AO Citibank.

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