Banking services

Banking services

Your personalized Citigold privileges extend beyond home.

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Current accounts

Current accounts are designed for your day-to-day transactions.

Current accounts pay no interest.
For your convenience, you can either get a single Citigold debit card and have it promptly linked to any one of your current accounts whenever you need, or get several Citigold debit cards, one card linked to one account.
Current accounts are available in the following currencies:
Australian Dollar
Russian Ruble
US Dollar
British Pound
Singapore Dollar
Swiss Franc
New Zealand Dollar
Japanese Yen
South African Rand
Managing your accounts

View your account balances and transaction history

Print e-statement

Get a mini-statement of your account balances

Get your investment account information

Get your time deposit information

Check your outstanding loan balance and the date and amount of the next instalment

Check current exchange rates and time deposit rates

View your accounts held in other countries

Instant transfer between own accounts, including currency conversion

Transfer to other Citibank accounts

Free RUB transfer to third party accounts with other Russian banks

FCY transfer to accounts outside Russia

Transfer from current account to credit card account

Transfer from credit card account

Quick fee-free bill payment

Payment to budget organizations, tax paymentQuick fee-free bill payment

Standing instructions

Time deposit placement

Time deposit withdrawal

Change contact details

Change debit card linkage

Get copy of payment order

Subscribe to Citibank Alerting Service

Check your rewards balance and redeem Select Points for partner points

Activate card and set up PIN

Change PIN

Set up and change TPIN

Block and reissue card

Unblock card

Savings accounts

Savings accounts are designed to keep your money safe and help it grow.

Interest on savings accounts accrues daily and is credited monthly.
Savings accounts are available in rubles, US dollars and euros.
For your protection, the debit card cannot be linked to your savings accounts.

If your card is lost or stolen, a third party will not be able to use the money held in your savings accounts at any points of sale or non-Citibank ATMs.

Time deposits1

Better deposit terms for Citigold customers.

Tiered savings accounts2

A tiered savings account (TSA) is in fact a demand deposit and therefore combines a good investment opportunity with the convenience of easy access to your money.

  • TSA interest accrues based on your daily account balance.
  • The higher the account balance, the higher the interest rate! Your TSA will earn you between 3% and 7% per annum in rubles.

  • Unlike in the case of a time deposit, you can add to or withdraw from your TSA whenever you need without losing accrued interest.
  • You have unlimited access to your money via our 24/7 channels Citibank® Online and Citi Mobile®.


You can use your Citigold debit card to pay for purchases.
  • Preferential exchange rates.
  • Free ATM withdrawals across Russia and worldwide3.
  • Free RUB transfers via CitiPhone and Citibank Online, or at branch counters4.
  • Access to Citigold Centers and priority service.
  • 24-hour Citigold CitiPhone.

Citi Ultima

Only Citigold customers can have the benefit of our Citi Ultima elite credit card offer5.
  • Foreign travel insurance, including extreme sports cover, up to US$ 500,0006.
  • Children’s insurance up to US$ 50,0006.
  • Discounts at Citibank partner merchants.
  • Credit limit up to RUB 1,500,000.
  • Supplementary cards offering the same privileges as the primary card (except the insurance), and an option to set a credit limit for each card.
Global banking privileges

At Citigold, your personalized privileges extend beyond home.

Our extensive network of branches and ATMs, and Citibank Online, will enable you to make the most of your Citigold status, wherever you are.

Global Status Recognition.
Global View of Accounts.
Global Traveler:

free ATM withdrawals worldwide3;

emergency cash (if you lose your Citigold card while abroad, visit any Citibank branch with your ID).

Open an account

Citigold applications are processed in accordance with Citibank’s standard practice. Please refer to the Terms and conditions of the agreement and the Tariffs.

  • All deposit agreement terms and conditions form part of the Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions available at All details are also available from AO Citibank branches or CitiPhone. On the deposit maturity date, you will get your money and accrued interest back to the current or savings account with AO Citibank from which the deposit was made. The time deposit may not be terminated in part. If you elect to prematurely terminate the time deposit, you will be refunded the deposit amount in full. However, if the time deposit is prematurely terminated, interest will accrue at 0.1% p.a. AO Citibank reserves the right to change the terms of these offers at any time without prior notice.

  • This offer is valid for the holders of AO Citibank bank service packages.

  • Free cash withdrawals with your debit card at non-Citibank ATMs are only available subject to the condition that the Average Monthly Relationship Balance in the calendar month preceding the month in which the privileges are used was equal to or greater RUB 6,000,000 or equivalent. Other banks may charge a fee for using their ATMs.

  • The service is only available subject to the condition that the Average Monthly Relationship Balance in the calendar month preceding the month in which the privileges are used was equal to or greater RUB 6,000,000 or equivalent.

  • The Citi Ultima credit card is made available at Citibank’s discretion. All Terms and Conditions of the relevant agreement are available at

  • The insurance program is an offer of OJSC IC Allianz (FFMS license CL # 0290 dated November, 10, 2014 and CI #0290 dated November, 10, 2014). AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc., their affiliates, government agencies and the Russian Federation are in no way liable for the insurer’s performance under the insurance contract. The insurance program is only available to Ultima primary card holders. The privilege is available to customers up to and including the age of 84 years.