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Russian and International Mutual Funds1, 2, 3

Over 250 funds denominated in rubles, U.S. dollars, euros and other currencies from global assets management leaders.

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Equities and Bonds1, 2

Fourteen largest markets.

Access to the world’s markets under the roof of a single global financial institution.

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Structured Notes1, 2

Structured notes offer an alternative way of investing in underlying assets.

Structured notes can help reduce the overall risk in the event of an aggressive investment strategy or increase portfolio returns.

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Foreign Exchange

17 currencies.

Convert at a better rate right now.

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Insurance Savings Programs4

Insurance savings programs are designed to help you meet your long-term savings needs and provide valuable financial protection for your family.

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Investment Products: Are not government-insured. Are not bank deposits. Are not bank-guaranteed. May lose value, including possible loss of principal.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

  • Investment products are not insured by any governmental agencies, are not bank deposits or guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Prior to purchasing any investment product, you should fully understand the terms and conditions of the transaction and determine the economic risks and merits as well as the legal, tax and accounting consequences of the transaction and that you are able to assume the risk. Investments in foreign currency are subject to currency risk which may result in value depreciation, in part or in whole.

    AO Citibank acts as broker in relation to securities transactions (except for local mutual fund and dual currency deposit transactions). The terms of brokerage, the fees and other relevant documents are available from AO Citibank branches or at citibank.ru under «Investment Products — Documents».

    The Customer enters into the brokerage agreement for the purpose of investing his/her surplus funds to make an investment and/or other income on financial market transactions, which may involve the risk of no income or the loss of principal, rather than for the purpose of satisfying his/her personal, family, household or other consumer needs.

    Investments in securities are exposed, without limitation, to the following risks, which the Customer accepts: country risk, foreign exchange risk, price risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, settlement risk. A detailed description of the risks is made available to the Customer at the time of entering into the brokerage agreement.

    AO Citibank will charge a brokerage fee, Become a Citigold customer of which are available at www.citibank.ru under «Investment Products — Documents», from AO Citibank branches or via the CitiPhone brokerage line at:

    • +7 (495) 775-78-58 in Moscow;
    • +7 (812) 346-78-58 in St. Petersburg;
    • 8 (800) 700-78-58 elsewhere in Russia.
  • Foreign securities that have not been admitted to public placement and/or public circulation in Russia, as well as foreign financial instruments that have not been recognized as securities, may not be offered to an unlimited number of persons or to non-qualified investors and may only be bought by and/or sold to qualified investors under Russian law (Federal Law «On Securities Market» No. 39-FZ of April 22, 1996).

  • Mutual funds are held at the customer’s sole risk, and AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. and their affiliates are not liable for any damage or loss occurring as a result of such investments. Mutual funds are not bank deposits or obligations of AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. or their affiliates, and their performance is not guaranteed by the government. Past performance is not indicative of future returns, and the value of mutual funds may go down as well as up. All mutual fund transactions are subject to applicable regulations. AO Citibank receives fees from management companies for covering administrative expenses incurred in connection with mutual fund purchase or redemption, or as part of sales promotion programs, which have no effect on the value of a fund share.

    Russian fund management companies may charge upfront and back-end fees, which reduces returns on mutual fund investments. Please, read carefully the rules of fund management before purchasing the fund. Detailed information on mutual funds, including upfront and back-end fees and other charges related to the purchase and ownership of mutual funds, the rules of fund management and other relevant documents are available at AO Citibank branches and on the management companies’ websites.

    Income earned by consumers on mutual fund transactions is subject to taxation under Chapter 23 of the RF Tax Code. AO Citibank does not act as tax agent in relation to customer transactions entered into within the framework of its agency agreements with Russian management companies. For such customers, income on the sale of securities is calculated by the management company.

    AO Citibank acts as a mutual fund agent for the following Russian management companies:

    AO «VTB Capital Asset Management» (FFMS license № 21-000-1-00059 dated 06.03.2002): «VTB — Equity Fund» (№ 0968-94131582 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — Balanced Fund» (№ 0962-94131346 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — Small and Medium Cap Companies Fund» (№ 0959-94131180 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — State Owned Enterprises Fund» (№ 0966-94131263 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — MICEX Fund» (№ 0177-71671092 dated 21.01.2004); «VTB — Treasury Fund» (№ 0089-59893097 dated 26.02.2003); «VTB — Utility Sector Fund» (№ 0965-94131501 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — Metallurgy Sector Fund» (№ 0961-94131104 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — Eurobonds Fund» (№ 0963-94130861 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — Oil & Gas Sector Fund» (№ 0960-94131027 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — Consumer Sector Fund» (№ 0964-94130944 dated 13.09.2007); «VTB — BRIC Fund» (№ 0012-46539678 dated 11.08.1997);

    AO «Sberbank Asset Management» (FFMS license № 21-000-1-00010 dated 12.09.1996): «Sberbank — Ilya Muromets Bond Fund» (№ 0007-45141428 dated 18.12.1996); «Sberbank — Dobrynya Nikitich Equity Fund» (№ 0011-46360962 dated 10.04.1997); «Sberbank — Balanced Fund» (№ 0051-56540197 dated 21.03.2001); «Sberbank — Money Market Fund» (№ 0082-59794722 dated 24.12.2002); «Sberbank -America» (№ 0716-94122086 dated 26.12.2006); «Sberbank — Natural Resources» (№ 0597-94120779 dated 31.08.2006); «Sberbank — Telecommunications» (№ 0596-94120696 dated 31.08.2006); «Sberbank — Electric Utilities» (№ 0598-94120851 dated 31.08.2006); «Sberbank — Consumer Sector» (№ 0757-94127221 dated 01.03.2007); «Sberbank — Emerging Markets» (№ 1924-94168958 dated 28.09.2010);

  • Life insurance savings programs are offered by CiV Life Insurance Co. Ltd (CBR licenses СЖ No.4105 and СЛ No.4105 dated May 19, 2017). AO Citibank acts as an agent of the insurer and does not charge agency fees from individuals. The insurance programs are not deposits or obligations of AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. or their affiliates. Funds under the programs are not insured in accordance with the Federal Law «On the Insurance of Individuals’ Deposits at Russian Banks». Russian government organizations have no obligations under or in connection with these programs. If the customer terminates the contract of life insurance before maturity, the cash surrender value under the programs may be less than the premiums paid by the customer. The insured may, within the first thirty (30) calendar days of insurance commencement date, unless an insured event has occurred, terminate the insurance contract and be refunded the premium paid. If the contract is terminated before maturity but after the expiration of such period, all settlements with the insured will be made in accordance with the Policy Terms and Conditions.

    AO Citibank may receive a fee from the insurer based on the amount of premium to cover its administrative costs.