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Citigold. Your Circle
of Peers.

Recommend what you believe in.
Earn unlimited referral rewards.
Every one of us has his or her own circle of trust. The circle of those whose advice we never doubt and whose opinion we value. Citibank trusts you and trusts your choice. Invite your friends to join Citigold, and we will generously thank you with a referral reward.
Your Reward*
The number of rewards per referrer is unlimited.
Check what reward you could get:
RUB 50 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 100 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 200 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 250 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 300 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 400 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 450 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
RUB 500 000
Your earnable reward is uncapped.
So, whom do you choose?
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We may have answers to some of your questions:
Can I participate?

You can participate and get a referral reward if you hold any Citibank banking package.

How do I invite a friend?
  • You share the link with your friend for him/her to leave contact details. Alternatively, you can leave your friend’s contact details on this page.
  • Your friend becomes a Citigold customer and brings his/her balance up to RUB 6,000,000 within two months. For the purpose of this referral, “balance” means the customer’s average monthly relationship balance in the second month following that in which the account was opened.
  • We pay the referral reward into your account.
When will I get the reward?

We will check your compliance with the terms and conditions and pay the reward in the third month following that in which your friend opened his/her account.

How many friends can I invite to join Citigold?

We do not set any limits. It all depends on the number of friends who will follow your recommendation.

* All amounts are net of tax.

The promotion is organized by AO Citibank and will run from June 1, 2021, to August 27, 2022, (which includes the time necessary for payment of the reward).

Participation is open between June 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022, (the “Promotion Period”). Information concerning the organizer, the reward and how and when it will be paid, is available at www.citigold.ru. AO Citibank.