Citi Career Center is a charge-free educational project aimed at helping students and graduates to adapt to banking job climate. The main goal of Citi Career Center is to provide students and graduates with real knowledge of banking business as well as variety of development opportunities within modern bank. At our seminars we talk about our business, discuss our day-to-day work in one of the biggest financial corporations in the world. Moreover, meeting Citi bankers in an informal atmosphere is a great chance to get some professional advice. This is also very useful for networking.

These events are interconnected but exist separately thats why students dont have to participate in each event. The events calendar is already scheduled, you just need to choose the exact event and register for it! Join us in this amazing meetings youll find a lot of useful information and meet new people at Citi Career Center!


Citi Career Center. Practicum is a cycle of educational seminars about work in a bank. Each presenter is Citi employee. You will get acquainted to the bank structure, obtain relevant knowledge to work in financial corporation, learn how to draft CV and know more about business English correspondence. These seminars are arranged in Moscow and St. Petes offices. The registration to these seminars is required. You can learn more about seminars schedule and register to seminars at Citi portal at website (job search website for students and graduates).

Business Cocktail

"Citi Career Center. Business Cocktail" is a social event, where students and graduates meet Citi senior management in an informal atmosphere. On these event guests and Citi representatives speak about career opportunities, meet like-minded persons and network in financial sphere. This event is arranged in world-class conference halls and are real entrance to high banking society.


"Citi Career Center. Roadshow" these activities are educational events outside Citi office. Seminars, participation in career fairs and other outside-the-office events help students to get acquainted with Citi culture in their own University and learn all about career and job specifics in modern bank from banking professionals.

A good education is the key to success! Citibank loans