Press Club

The Citi Press Club - is a growing community of journalists, specializing in the financial and banking sectors. As the name suggests, the Club was created and is maintained by Citi Russia, although the issues discussed at meetings of the Press Club and in the analytical materials distributed to the club's participants reach far beyond the range of Citi's activities, and the banking industry as a whole.

The Citi Press Club is unique in offering open-format meetings, in which members of the club are given the opportunity to meet informally with invited speakers: business leaders, analysts, academics, journalists from leading international publications, and many others. The Citi Press Club also organizes ad hoc events at various locations.

The goal of the project - is to develop financial journalism in Russia, and enhance the financial literacy of a broad range of media consumers. The mission of the Citi Press Club is to provide journalists with a source of new information, original ideas and interesting topics.

You can become a participant of the Citi Press Club, by sending a request to Please indicate your name, surname, the title of the publication(s) you represent, your contact information, and the field of your professional interests.