Corporate Citizenship at Citi

Core focus areas for social investment in Russia

We have identified the following focus areas for our social investment programs, which are oriented toward providing support for low-income individuals:

  • Financial Inclusion — increasing the number of people who have a good command of personal financial management, including the accumulation and preservation of personal savings and increasing the number of micro and small enterprises which create new sources of income and jobs as well as broadening the spectrum of financial products which stimulate financial inclusion for those who are underserved by the financial system.
  • Youth Economic Opportunities — improving access to higher education for young people (13 to 25 years of age), thus allowing them to find employment with salaries above the subsistence level or start their own income-generating businesses.
  • Sustainable Cities — supporting initiatives aimed at building vibrant, sustainable cities that offer economic opportunities for low-income residents.

To find out more about the Citi Foundation’s activities around the world, please visit the foundation’s website:

Volunteer activities

Citi, a company with a 200-year tradition of volunteerism, actively supports the volunteer initiatives of its employees. Since 2006 in more than 100 countries worldwide, including in Russia, Citi Global Community Day was held for the first time. The success of this endeavor and the joy Citi employees experienced from participating in such an international initiative led the company to decide to make Global Community Day an annual event.

Each year employees of the Citi Russia from 11 cities join their colleagues from around the world and participate in this day celebrating volunteerism, helping both the young and the elderly, homeless animals and also organizing environmental initiatives.

Furthermore, in each city where the bank has a presence, employees have social organizations to which they provide assistance throughout the year.