Current Account
Savings account

The main advantages of a current account are the convenience and security it provides. Pay for goods and services with your bank card, make deposits and withdrawals, send and receive wire transfers, book time deposits - you can do all this and much more if you have a current account with us.

In addition to the ruble current account established for you by default, you can open current accounts in US dollar, euro, pound sterling, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, SA rand, Singapore dollar, New Zealand dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Czech krone, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Swedish krone, Polish zloty, Hong Kong dollar free of charge.

If you intend to travel outside Russia, you simply change your primary current account and pay in U.S. dollars or euros to avoid foreign exchange fees. You can always change the account your card is linked to via Citibank Online or CitiPhone.

  • At the time of your CitiOne application, you automatically become a ruble current account holder and can also choose to open a current account in U.S. dollars. A current account in other currencies is subject to a separate application.
  • If you are an existing CitiOne customer and wish to open a current account in other currencies, just visit any Citibank branch.

Savings accounts are a convenient way to save money. 24-hour access to the account, the safety of and interest on your savings make this product extremely attractive:

  • 24-hour access �To the account via the Internet, phone or Citibank ATMs. Savings accounts are also accessible over the counter at Citibank branches.
  • Safety � If your debit card is lost or stolen, your money will be safe, because the card is linked to your primary current account.

Interest rates on savings accounts:

Currency Interest rate per annum
Rubles 0.15%
U.S. dollars 0.01%

At the time of your CitiOne application, you can open savings accounts in rubles and U.S. dollars.

If you are an existing CitiOne customer and wish to open a savings account in rubles, U.S. dollars just visit any Citibank branch.

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