Citibank premium debit cards MasterCard World and Visa Platinum are enabled with MasterCard PayPass or Visa payWave contactless technologies allowing you to simply pass your card over a checkout reader to pay for your purchases!

Visa Platinum

Visa Platinum

World MasterCard

World MasterCard

How Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass work

Check the purchase amount.

Hold your MasterCard PayPass or Visa payWave card over the reader.

That’s it – you’re ready to go.*


  • Convenient

    Your card never leaves your hand during the transaction. Minimum movement, maximum convenience.

  • Fast

    Just hold your card over the contactless reader. You don’t have to enter your PIN or sign a receipt/slip for purchases under RUB 1,000.*

  • Secure

    Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass offer multiple layers of security protection. Besides, there is no need to hand your card to a cashier: you remain in control of your card during the checkout process. You will not be charged twice for the same purchase: once your first payment has been accepted, you will hear a beep and the reader will turn off.

Find out more about contactless payments by watching the demo videos below.



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