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If you are looking to earn deposit interest but are unwilling to commit to a long-term time deposit, then our Tiered Savings Account is the ideal solution for you.

The Tiered Savings Account accrues interest based on your daily account balance.

The higher the balance, the higher the interest! The Tiered Savings Account pays RUB interest at 2 to 6% per annum.

Unlike in the case of a time deposit, you can withdraw from or add to your Tiered Savings Account whenever you need without losing accrued interest.

You have unlimited access to your money via our 24/7 channels: Citibank® Online* and Citi Mobile®.

Interest accrues daily based on the account balance. The account balance is divided into tiers, and each tier earns the applicable interest rate as shown in the table below. Interest accrues based on a 365/366-day year.

RUB TSA Interest Rate Table
in effect as of October 14, 2020
Tier, RUB Interest rate per annum
0 — 150,000 1%
150,001 — 400,000 1,5%
400,001 — 4,000,000 2%
4,000,001 — 25,000,000 2,5%
25,000,001 — 40,000,000 3%
40,000,001 — 100,000,000 3,5%
100,000,001 — 200,000,000 4%
200,000,001 — 400,000,000 3%
400,000,001 — 499 000 000 2%
> 499 000 001 0%

Illustration of tiered rates

USD TSA Interest Rate Table
in effect as of October 14, 2020
Tier, USD Interest rate per annum
0 — 50,000 0,01%
50,001 — 250,000 0,01%
250,001 — 500,000 0,01%
500,001 — 1,000,000 0,01%
1,000,001 — 5,000,000 0,01%
> 5,000 001 0,01%

Illustration of tiered rates

Online Calculator

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Tiered Savings Account

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If you have any questions, call us on:

+7 (495) 775-75-75 in Moscow;

+7 (812) 336-75-75 in St. Petersburg;

8 (800) 700-38-38 elsewhere in Russia.

These offers are valid for the holders of AO Citibank bank service packages.

Citibank Online: Sign on to Citibank Online, go to “Service Center” and click “Write to Us”. Choose “Send Request”, select the product type as “Debit Card” and the subject as “Additional Account Opening”. Fill out the fields and select the account type as “Tiered Savings Account”. Your TSA will be opened within two business days and will appear on your account list in Citibank Online.

Additional Account Opening Guide

CitiPhone: Call CitiPhone and tell the operator that you wish to open a tiered savings account. Your request will be honored within two business days.

Citibank branch: Visit any Citibank branch and fill out a tiered savings account opening form. The account will be available for use immediately.

Transfer from your Citibank account

Transfer Between Own Accounts Guide

Transfer from another bank account

You will need to know your tiered savings account number and Citibank payment details.


Citibank cash deposit machine (RUB deposits only)

  • Make sure you deposit no more than 30 stacked notes at any one time and have removed paperclips or envelopes.
  • If you deposit cash without using your card, you will need to enter the tiered savings account number.
  • Select the purpose of deposit as “Account top-up”.