How to become our customer

Becoming a Citibank customer is easy. To apply for the CitiOne bank service package, you need to make three simple steps.


Step 1. Complete the application

Complete the online form or print out the application and complete all the required fields.


Step 2. Prepare documents


Step 3. Contact us

If you have completed the online form, you may skip this step. Our representative will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting. He/she will help you to correctly complete your CitiOne application and will take the copies of all required documents from you.

If you have completed the printed form, please call us at your convenience on:

+7 (495) 775-15-00 in Moscow,
+7 (812) 336-88-87 in St. Petersburg, or
8 (800) 700-93-93 elsewhere in Russia,

and say that you wish to apply for the CitiOne bank service package.

Or just take all the required documents and visit your nearest Citibank branch.

We will take care of the rest!

CitiOne applications are processed and service is provided in accordance with Citibank's standard practice.

Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions

CitiOne Application Form

Other documents and forms you can find here