You can choose any combination of products and services that best suit your current needs.

Citi Simplicity credit card1

Citi Simplicity credit card
  • no annual fee
  • free ATM cash advances across the world
  • no late fee
  • grace period up to 50 days2

You can also choose any Citibank credit card that suits you best.

Discounts and special offers

Discounts and special offers
  • up to 20% off at 5,000-plus Citibank partner-merchants for credit and debit cardholders3
  • promotions, discounts and special offers from MasterCard

For details of current discounts and special offers, click here.

Special terms of the Citi Select* program

Special terms of the Citi Select* program

Enhanced Citi Select terms for Citi Priority cardholders: earn more Select Points on purchases.

Citi Select is a universal loyalty program. By paying with your Citibank card, you earn Select Points, or Selects, which you can then redeem for partner points or miles, or a cashback reward.
Details are available here.

* A debit card holder becomes a Citi Select member as from the date of acknowledgement of acceptance of the program rules after card issue. Such member may also use the Select Points that were awarded to him/her prior to the acknowledgement of acceptance of the program rules. The reward on the card will be awarded at the discretion of Citibank throughout the validity of the card as determined by the agreement with the customer. Information on Citibank and details of the reward and how and when it will be awarded are available here.

1. The credit card will be made available solely at the discretion of Citibank. The interest rate is determined on an individual basis at 22.9—39.9% per annum. All terms and conditions of the credit card agreement are available here.

2. If a debt is not paid off when due, interest will accrue in full starting from the debt origination date; no Grace Period will apply to EPP and cash advance transactions, transactions in highly liquid assets (e.g. money orders, payment for casino and gambling house services, etc.) and transfers from the credit card account.

3. The discounts are made available at the discretion of, and subject to the procedure set by, the partner companies. AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. and their affiliates accept no liability whatsoever for the offers of such companies, including in connection with the availability of any discounts. Discount details are provided based on information received from the companies. The offers are limited in time. MasterCard holders can learn more about special offers and discounts at