Citi Priority1 banking

This is not only a convenient way to manage your personal finances and a wide range of services and privileges, but also no fee for most popular banking transactions.

If you become a Citi Priority1 customer, the following will be available to you free of charge:

  • withdrawals at any ATMs around the world;
  • account activity alerts;
  • RUB transfers;
  • Priority Pass: two to four free lounge visits per month3;
  • travel insurance4.

Premium debit card2

Premium debit card

Your MasterCard® PayPass premium debit card is the most convenient way to pay for your everyday purchases:

  • you don’t need to carry cash, and an embedded EMV chip takes security to a new level
  • you can tap and go using the PayPass technology
  • you can shop online

Current and savings accounts

Current and savings accounts

In addition to your ruble current account, which is opened automatically, you can also have free savings accounts denominated in U.S. dollars and euros, and current accounts denominated in the following currencies:

  • U.S. dollars
  • euros
  • British pounds
  • Swiss francs
  • Australian dollars
  • Japanese yens
  • Singapore dollars
  • New Zealand dollars
  • South African rands

RUB transfers and online bill payments

RUB transfers and online bill payments

Using Citibank® Online and Citi Mobile®, you can manage your finances wherever and whenever you want. You can also make RUB transfers, free of charge:

  • between own accounts, including your credit card account
  • to other Citibank accounts
  • to accounts in other Russian banks
  • towards payment of utility, telephony, TV and other bills

Cash withdrawal and deposit

Cash withdrawal and deposit

You can make ATM withdrawals in and outside of Russia without incurring a fee!

You can always top up your accounts by doing any of the following:

  • deposit cash at a Citibank cash deposit machine (CDM)
  • transfer funds from accounts in other banks
  • deposit cash at any Citibank branch in Russia

1. Citi Priority tariff conditions are available as part of the CitiOne bank service package if the average monthly relationship balance for the previous calendar month is equal to, or exceeds, RUB 1,500,000; or if total card payments for the previous calendar month are equal to, or exceed, RUB 75,000 or equivalent in other currencies; or if monthly salary payments into Citibank accounts are equal to, or exceed, RUB 250,000. Banking applications are processed and service is provided in accordance with Citibank’s standard practice. If the tariff conditions referred to above are not met, a RUB 250 monthly relationship maintenance fee will apply.

In accordance with the Consumer Banking Terms and Conditions, the Average Monthly Relationship Balance is calculated as the sum of daily credit balances (as at the beginning of day) in all of the Customer’s Citibank accounts in any given month divided by the number of calendar days in the respective month.

The following credits to Customers’ accounts will also be included in the calculation of the amount of salary payments: direct deposits by the companies that have entered into the Agreement on the Transfer by the Company of Salaries, Fees, Compensations and Allowances to Employee Accounts or a similar agreement with Citibank; incoming transfers to Customers’ accounts from legal entities’ Citibank accounts; incoming transfers to Customers’ accounts from individuals’ and legal entities’ non-Citibank accounts. All terms and conditions of the agreement are available at

2. Citi Priority MasterCard World.

3. If the average monthly relationship balance for the previous calendar month is below RUB 1,500,000 or equivalent in other currencies: two free visits per month. If the average monthly relationship balance for the previous calendar month is equal to, or exceeds, RUB 1,500,000 or equivalent in other currencies: four free visits per month. For a full list of cities, addresses and locations of business lounges, please refer to

4. The insurance is an offer of JSC IC Allianz (CBR licenses СИ No.0290 and СЛ No.0290). AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc., their affiliates, government agencies and the Russian Federation are in no way liable for the insurer’s performance under the insurance contract. The insurance commences on the first day of the month following that in which you become our customer or change your tariff conditions. The insurance covers medical aid in the event of an accident or sudden illness while abroad, medical transportation services, travel liability insurance, and the loss of baggage. For a full list of covers, please call +7 (495) 775-75-75 in Moscow, +7 (812) 336-75-75 in St. Petersburg or 8 (800) 700-38-38 elsewhere in Russia, or visit The maximum age of entitlement is 84 years.