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1. What is Citi Select?

Citi Select is a Citibank loyalty program that allows you to earn points (Select Points, or Selects) as set out in the Program Rules and convert the points so earned into bonus points, credits or miles in our Partner Programs.

2. Who are Citi Select Partners?

Up-to-date information on our Partners is available on the Program Partners page at

3. What is a Select?

Selects or Select Points are the credits denominated as Selects or Select Points earned by a Citi Select Member.

4. What do I need to do to convert Selects into Partner Points?

You need to register yourself for a Partner Program and get a membership number. You can convert Selects by calling CitiPhone and giving the name of the Partner / Partner Program, the membership number and the amount of Partner Points, provided you have sufficient Selects.

5. How to become a member of a Partner Program?

A Citi Select Member needs to register him/herself in a Partner Program in accordance with the terms and conditions of the particular program. Links to Partner websites containing details of registration procedures are available at Registration information can also be accessed by calling, or visiting the website of, a Partner.

6. Where do I get information on my membership number?

You can only get your membership number from a Partner. Normally, your membership number appears on the membership card issued by the Partner. Citibank has no knowledge of, or access to, such information.

7. Where can I read Partner Program Terms and Conditions?

Partner Program Terms and Conditions are available on Partner websites. You can find the links on the Program Partners page at

8. Can I transfer Select Points to someone else’s account with a Partner?

Yes, you can. You yourself specify the membership account.

9. How do I redeem Partner miles for flights with other alliance partners?

You can redeem miles within an airline alliance by calling the customer service or visiting the website of the airline partner. This may be subject to limitations by the airline. Please, check with the customer service of the airline partner in advance to avoid disappointment.

10. Can I change my membership number?

This is subject to the Partner Program Terms and Conditions. Please, check with the Partner’s Customer Service.

11. How can I check my Citi Select balance?

You can check the balance of Select Points earned with your credit card in Citibank Online.

12. Where can I view the history of Select Points earned / redeemed?

Summary information on Select Points / bonus points appears on your credit card statement. It is also available by calling CitiPhone.

13. How do I exchange Select Points for a Partner’s package using Selects in different accounts?

You need to call CitiPhone. If Select Points in one account are insufficient, all your Selects will be combined in one account.

14. When do I earn Welcome Select Points with a Citi Select credit card?

Welcome Select Points are credited on the first statement date following the date on which all Welcome Select Points conditions were satisfied.

15. When does the period during which I have to make charges to my credit card to get Welcome Select Points start to run?

The 60-day period starts from the date your credit card is approved by the bank. You can check the exact date by calling CitiPhone.

16. Do I get Welcome Select Points one more time after I have changed my card type?

No, this is a one-time reward.