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Redeem Select Points/Bonuses for Aeroflot Bonus Miles

1. To redeem Select Points/Bonuses for Aeroflot Bonus miles, you need to be registered for the Aeroflot Bonus program. To join Aeroflot Bonus, click here.

2. Selects / Bonuses can be exchanged for packages of miles of different denominations: the larger the package of miles, the more profitable the exchange rate.

An example of available awards1

500 miles 4 500Select Points
3 000 miles 24 000Select Points
6 000 miles 42 000Select Points
10 000 miles 60 000Select Points

How it works:

Sign on to Citibank Online2

Go to «Quick Citi» and click «View Rewards Balances»

Select a card: Citi Select/ Citi Select Premium/ Citi Ultima/ Citi Prestige.

Select «Travel» in the Rewards Catalogue, click «Continue», and choose a package by clicking «Redeem».

Enter your name and surname (use Latin letters, the same as when you registered for Aeroflot Bonus), select the number of packages, enter your Aeroflot Bonus member card number, and click «Next» to transfer.

! The transfer usually takes no more than 30 business days.

1. Select Points/ Bonuses are earned and redeemed in accordance with the Citi Select Program Rules and Conditions / the Citi Prestige Bonus Program Rules, Terms and Conditions. Prior to the purchase of goods or services for a partner’s bonus rubles, the Citi Select/Citi Prestige Bonus Program member needs to contact the concerned partner for additional information and clarification and familiarize him/herself with the partner program terms and conditions. Citibank recommends that the member should exchange Select Points/Bonuses for the bonus rubles of the partners from whom he/she regularly purchases goods or services at his/her own expense.

2. Online.

3. Disсounts are made available at the discretion of, and subject to the procedure set by, the partner companies. AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. and their affiliates accept no liability whatsoever for the offers of such companies, including in connection with the availability of any discounts. Discount details are provided based on information received from the companies. The offers are limited in time.

The transfer of Select Points usually takes up to ten business days, but for the purpose of the Aeroflot Bonus program it can take up to thirty business days.