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Select Points for Your
Fast-Paced City Lifestyle!
Pay for taxi with Select Points – it’s easy!

Citi Select has become more interesting – you can now pay for taxi with your Select Points.

It’s easy!

1. Take a taxi ride
Pay for the ride with your Citi Select card
2. Click the link provided in our SMS message
You will get an SMS message with a link. By following the link, you will be able to redeem your Select Points to get back the cost of your taxi ride in full or in part.
3. Get cashback into your account
Your cashback will be paid into your card account within five business days.
Select Point redemption rate: 8 Selects = 1 ruble
Important Information
Who is eligible to use the service “Pay with Select Points”?
The service is available to Citi Select credit cards: Citi Select Mastercard World, Citi Select Mastercard World Premium and Mastercard World Elite (a Citi Select-enabled Ultima card) cardholders.
To which phone number will the SMS message be sent?
The SMS message will be sent to the mobile number assigned by Russian mobile service providers, listed in Citibank database.
Is the service “Pay with Select Points” available to supplementary cardholders?
No, the service is only available to primary cardholders.
I want to pay for my taxi ride with Select Points but haven’t received an SMS message with the link. Why?
The SMS message will not be sent if your transaction amount is less than RUB 100, or your Select Points balance is not sufficient for redemption.
Will I receive several SMS messages if I had several taxi rides during the day?
Yes, you can receive several SMS messages during the day if you had several taxi rides, provided that you redeemed Select Points on your earlier ride. SMS will be sent to you in 7 calendar days, if you haven't redeemed you select points.
How long do I have to redeem my Select Points?
You can redeem your Select Points within 24 hours of receipt of our SMS message with the link.
What taxi service providers can I pay with Select Points?
You can pay with Select Points for any taxi you take.
Is there a minimum qualifying amount of taxi fare?
Yes, there is. The minimum amount qualifying for Select Points redemption is RUB 100.

Select Points will be earned and redeemed in accordance with the Citi Select Program Rules.

The credit card is made available at Citibank's discretion. The annual interest rate is between 21–32,9%. The credit limit is set on an individual basis, as follows: up to RUB 300,000 on the Citi Select credit card, up to RUB 600,000 on the Citi Select Premium credit card, RUB 1 500 000 –Ultima®. All terms and conditions of the agreement and the tariffs are available at Any credit becomes due and payable on demand. AO Citibank.