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Ural Airlines

How to spend your Select Points

- If you have not chosen a reward[1] yet, check out the list of accessible rewards here.

- If you have already chosen a reward and would like to convert your Select Points into Partner Points[2], check out the information below

Redeem you Selects to Ural Airlines bonus points and enjoy reward flights, upgrades and more with “Wings” program from Ural Airlines now!

1. To convert Selects into Ural Airlines points, you’ll need to join the Wings Program:

- Go to the Partner’s website

- Fill out the application form

- Your membership number will be emailed to you upon completion of the form

- You can get your membership card at any Ural Airlines booking counter or Wings Travel Club office

NOTE: You can join the Wings Program at the airline’s booking counters, Wings Travel Club and Ural Airlines offices, or in-flight

2. You can convert Selects into bonus point packages of different nominal values. The higher the value, the better the conversion rate[3].

Accessible rewards

1,000 bonus
9,000 Select Points
2,000 bonus
12,500 Select Points
5,000 bonus
30,000 Select Points
9,000 bonus
45,000 Select Points

3. Once you have registered for the partner program (you have your membership number), you will need to convert Selects into bonus rubles.

By Internet:

By going on Citibank website signing on to Citibank Online and clicking on View Reward Balances.

To convert your Selects, you will need to state the type of reward, the membership number, and the amount of bonus points you wish to purchase.

4. How to book a reward flight

- Make sure that your bonus points have been successfully credited to your account (the conversion of Selects into bonus points usually takes about ten business days)

You can do this on the Partner’s website or in Citibank Online by checking account details

- You can check the availability of seats and book a reward ticket at Ural Airlines booking offices or authorized travel agencies. See details at

You can also check reward seat availability by calling Wings Call Center on:

8-800-7700-262, +7 (499) 920-22-52 (between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm Moscow time, seven days a week)

NOTE: Wings members will soon have an option to book a reward ticket online at Keep track of updates on the Partner’s website!

5. FAQs

1. The reward on the card will be awarded at the discretion of Citibank throughout the validity of the card as determined by the agreement with the customer. Information on Citibank and details of the reward and how and when it will be awarded are available at

2. Select Points will be earned and redeemed in accordance with the Program Rules. Prior to the purchase of goods or services for Partner Points, the Member needs to contact the concerned Partner for additional information and clarification and familiarize him/herself with the Partner Program Terms and Conditions. Citibank recommends that the Member should exchange Seleсt Points for the points of the Partners from whom he/she regularly purchases goods or services at his/her own expense. The number of Select Points credited to a Member’s Bonus Account within a calendar year is limited to 100,000 Select Points, which does not include Welcome Select Points and an Annual Bonus. Seleсt Points that are not redeemed against Partner Points within 36 months of crediting to the Member’s Bonus Account are deemed expired and will be unconditionally cancelled in the respective month.

3. The cost of tickets is in line with UA’s internal exchange rate and excludes airport fees and charges. Special terms of booking apply to reward flights.