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Utkonos ONLINE delivers fresh products and other items to your door in Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Tula, Kaluga and Tver, boasting an assortment of more than 400 product categories

Utkonos ONLINE—freshness, quality, fast delivery in two-hour windows, and friendly prices.

Order through the website or mobile app. The Utkonos app allows you to conveniently track your order and search by barcode.

Convert Select Points1 to Utkonos ONLINE promo code and get discounts!

Accessible rewards2

500 bonus
7,000 Select Points
3,000 bonus
20,000 Select Points
1,000 bonus
10,000 Select Points
5,000 bonus
30,000 Select Points
1 bonus ruble = RUB 1

Example of using Select Points

20,000 Select Points
a RUB 3,000 discount at Utkonos ONLINE

Using a Utkonos ONLINE promo code is easy!

  • Redeem your Select Points for a Utkonos ONLINE promo code.

    On the website

    On the website at in Citibank Online under “View Rewards Balances”.

    For details of the promo code terms and conditions, please refer to Utkonos ONLINE

  • Get your promo code in an SMS message on the same day.


    If your mobile phone number has changed, please update your number in a timely manner by calling CitiPhone or visiting a Citibank branch.

  • Order through Utkonos ONLINE.

    Use a promo code to get a discount on your order.

How it works

  • Get your promo code in an SMS message on the same day3.

  • Up to 99%4 off your order with a promo code

  • Only one promo code per order.

If you have any questions on how to use a promo code,

1. Select Points are earned and redeemed in accordance with the Citi Select Program Rules and Conditions. Prior to the purchase of goods or services for Partner Points, the Member needs to contact the concerned Partner for clarification and familiarize him/herself with the Partner Program Terms and Conditions. Citibank recommends that the Member should exchange Seleсt Points for the points of the Partners from whom he/she regularly purchases goods or services at his/her own expense. Any Select Points unused by the Member within thirty six (36) months from the date they were credited to the Member’s Account will expire and be unconditionally removed from the Member’s Account.

2. The reward on the card will be awarded at the discretion of Citibank throughout the validity of the card as determined by the agreement with the customer. Information about Citibank and the terms and conditions of the reward are available at

3. The customer is responsible for the mobile phone number provided to Citibank..

4. A discount can amount to 99% of the purchase price. Promo codes are subject to the rules determined by OOO Novy Impuls-50 as published

Discounts are made available at the discretion of, and subject to the procedure set by, the partner companies. AO Citibank, Citigroup Inc. and their affiliates accept no liability whatsoever for the offers of such companies, including in connection with the availability of any discounts. Discount details are provided based on the information received from the company. The offers are limited in time

AO Citibank