Cash management

Corporate Accounts Services

World-class corporate banking at your finger tips! As thousands of our Corporate Customers have experienced across the world, Citi delivers to you the key to your operating efficiency: your Company's Operating Account with Citi.

Through your single window interface with Citi you can open current accounts in Moscow or St. Petersburg, on-shore or off-shore, in Russian Rubles, US Dollars, Euros or other foreign currencies (as long as they subscribe to the local and international currency regulations).

Account statements on all your accounts opened with AO Citibank in Russia and Citibank N.A. global network in over 100 countries are available electronically in a uniform format through CitiDirect Online Banking.

Rules for RUB payments processing of AO Citibank (in Russian)

Bank Account Conditions of AO Citibank

Electronic Payments & Collections

AO Citibank is a direct member of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) and Sberbank clearing and uses these systems for domestic ruble settlements, while Citibank N.A. global network and other international standards such as SWIFT are used for foreign currency settlements. All local currency payments initiated by our customers are transmitted electronically to the CBR clearing system.

To manage your day-to-day payables in a flexible and efficient way, we offer you our Extended Cut-off Time service. For a nominal fee you can use this service to extend initiation of same-day Ruble payments by up to two hours beyond standard cut-off times for CBR clearing.

Payments in any foreign currency can be initiated from a current foreign currency account opened with AO Citibank, so your foreign currency account can be considered as a multi-currency one.

Management Liquidity and Working Capital

  • Time Deposits

    You can invest your temporary excess funds into time deposits with AO Citibank enhancing your returns on excess liquidity. Time deposits can be placed in Rubles, US Dollars or Euros for various amounts and tenors - depending on your company's requirements. Please, see Treasury Services for more information.

  • Overdraft Facilities

    Subject to credit approval, overdraft facilities on your accounts with AO Citibank are available to enhance your working capital.

Cash Collection

On a mutually agreed schedule, (24 hours per day / 7 days a week), AO Citibank, through its selected service provider can arrange the pickup of cash proceeds from your designated sales locations across the Russian Federation.

Using a vast fleet of armoured vehicles certified by the highest security standards, cash will be transported, counted and promptly credited to your current account with Citi according to an agreed schedule. All risks related to cash transportation, handling and storage at the cash-counting premises from the moment such cash is picked up by our service provider until it is credited to your account with AO Citibank, are 100% insured locally and re-insured globally through internationally reputable insurance companies.

Cash Delivery

On mutually agreed schedules, AO Citibank through its selected service providers can arrange the delivery of cash notes and coins in your required currency denominations and amounts to your designated office locations. Using a vast fleet of armoured vehicles certified by the highest security standards, the cash will be counted, packed and delivered to your offices according to your requirements. All risks related to cash transportation by our service provider right to the point of cash receipt by your authorized employee are 100% insured locally and re-insured globally through internationally reputable insurance companies.

Mass Collections

AO Citibank has established correspondent banking agreements with large Russian banks as well as a partnership agreement with the Russian Post further widening our reach across the regions of Russia. With this exclusive network arrangement, AO Citibank's clients can now use their account to:

  • Collect cash from their regional sales offices
  • Collect deposits from individuals across the country
  • Make high volume payments to multiple regional beneficiaries.

These facilities are available through your single window interface with AO Citibank and can be tailored to suit your diverse needs.

Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate Credit Cards are AO Citibank branded credit cards for business use:

Citibank MasterCard Silver for regular employees
Citibank MasterCard Gold for senior management.

Our cards are accepted for payments and cash advances around the world:

  • Over 150,000 merchant locations in Russia and over 30 million locations globally
  • Over 12,000 ATMs in Russia and over 800,000 ATMs globally
  • All airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants and major stores.

Our Corporate Cards Help Desk can assist your Program Administrators with any operational queries related to the corporate card program.

Each card holder has real-time 24/7 access to his/her corporate card via Citibank Online and CitiPhone.

Our corporate credit cards are available both to resident and non-resident legal entities, as well as Russian resident and non-resident employees, with no restrictions. They are also available with either Central Billing or Individual Billing services.

Your employees can use corporate cards round-the-clock for business travel and entertainment expenses, in Russia and in any country around the globe.