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CitiDirect Online Banking is Citigroup Inc.'s Web-based banking platform. CitiDirect puts all your corporate banking functions in one security-protected place, giving you around the globe, centralized access to your account information in real time right from your desktop.

CitiDirect provides your authorized users access to the broadest range of domestic and global payment methods, including domestic and cross-border fund transfers, book fund transfers, payroll and corporate cards funding, direct debit instructions and initiation of other banking transaction types such as those to manage your liquidity and trade needs.

Local And Global Reach

CitiDirect Online Banking is live in 90 countries around the world - a perfect fit for your global business. Through CitiDirect Online Banking, AO Citibank offers secure, fexible, streamlined processing to settle all your payment obligations whether in Russia or across the world. With detailed information at every step, you can create, execute and save transactions online. And, you always have real-time access to all your payment information. By using CitiDirect, you enjoy cheaper payments and extended cut-off times for same day payments as compared to traditional paper-based methods.

Simplified transaction management

CitiDirect Online Banking brings uniformity and simplicity to the payment transaction process. This streamlined approach makes it easier for you to prepare payment files for multiple currencies and/or destinations, as well as to understand and utilize the information and reports we provide.

We have automated as many processes as possible, while ensuring that you maintain control over access and information. That means easier, faster payment processing — which in turn leads to reduced costs and payment risks

CitiDirect helps you move away from the inefficiencies of paper-based systems, and manage your payment processes electronically. Furthermore, CitiDirect Online Banking offers you a single point of contact for all your domestic and international payment activities.

Efficient, flexible and secure account reconciliation

The control and security of your information are vital in cash management. The secure, flexible design of CitiDirect® Online Banking allows your company to grant different access levels to individual users in the system depending on their authority. With immediate access to all statements and transaction summaries you have greater control over your data for easier and faster account reconciliation.

Real-time information reporting

CitiDirect Online Banking provides quick access to account balances, end-of-day and intraday account statements and transaction details. Data is centralized on the banks servers, giving you and your authorized users around the globe real-time access to the same critical information resulting in faster and more accurate decision-making daily.

Comprehensive reporting solutions

CitiDirect Online Banking gives you the ability to customize reports in a wide variety of formats to meet your specific needs. Accessible online or automatically delivered directly to you via a secure server or encrypted e-mail, CitiDirect provides a vast range of reports and inquiries with different information views and different levels of detail. Reports can be generated from all available accounts across your entire organization for each enterprise having accounts with AO Citibank and Citigroup Inc. globally.

Automated report delivery capabilities enable users to schedule reports to run intraday as well as end-of-day, weekly and monthly.

To further streamline your processes, files and reports can be exported from CitiDirect in industry standard formats for easy integration into your existing accounting systems and ERP.

State-of-the-art Technology

CitiDirect Online Banking incorporates innovative technologies that facilitate efficient payment processing, payment activity integration and real-time payment monitoring.

Infrastructures may vary around the world, but the CitiDirect platform automates payment-processing operations and integrates seamlessly with most ERP systems worldwide.

Focus on Security

CitiDirect Online Banking payment processing operations are backed by world-class multilevel security and advanced data encryption technology. The dual-control security enables you to require second-party verification prior to payment processing if you choose, and the CitiDirect platform helps guard against internal fraud and error by giving you access to an online audit trail that tracks all activity. For still greater control, you can fine-tune user-authorization levels throughout your organization.

CitiDirect Online Banking also provides a secure and efficient method for AO Citibank to send and receive data to and from customers. Data encryption protects data from being viewed by people who are not authorized users.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Getting started with CitiDirect Online Banking is fast and easy. All that is required is a simple download from the Web. Minimal software and hardware requirements provide your users access to reporting capabilities literally within minutes. Built-in processes automatically run program updates at each sign-on, with no need to install upgrades or new versions.

CitiDirect comes with powerful online training tools that range from quick reference cards to detailed user guides and step-by-step webbased lessons. Comprehensive online self-help programs, as well as our local CitiDirect Help Desk service in Russian and English languages support these learning tools.

CitiDirect offers you a single point of access to a suite of advanced cash management tools designed to help you succeed in today's global marketplace

Learn more about CitiDirect Online Banking at www.citidirect.com

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