Securities Services

AO Citibank is a Russian custodian conducting its activity under the depository license of the professional market participant #045-02719-000100 issued on November 1, 2000.

AO Citibank provides its clients with a full range of safekeeping, settlement and asset servicing (including income processing, corporate actions, proxy services, tax services, and related activities) for local securities, foreign securities, and depositary receipts.

AO Citibank also supports settlement of trades executed through AO Citibank’s brokerage arm.

AO Citibank provides custody services to private individuals and legal entities, both residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation, who have concluded the custody agreement with AO Citibank in accordance with the established procedure.

AO Citibank in Russia benefits from Citi’s global securities services network enabling Citi to ensure that customers receive consistency in all markets while significantly reducing risk through the standardization of controls and processes across markets. This also provides facilities to offer services by the means of a strong, integrated system and technology platform. Citi securities services technologies include SWIFT interface, CitiDirect® for Securities and automatic customer reporting.