Trade Services

Whether you are importer or exporter, you need a well-known financial intermediary with a world-class reputation to support you cross-border trade. AO Citibank helps you maximize the efficiency and security of your international trade activities by serving as a trusted advisor in your various business transactions.

Letters of Credit

  • Import LCs

    If you are an importer, letter of credit offers you full security that the goods ordered will only be paid for if the documents presented appear to comply with your instructions as specified in the letter of credit.

  • Export LCs

    Regardless of an importer's financial status or geographic location, Export Letters of Credit provide exporters with a secure vehicle to receive payment. Irrevocable undertaking from the buyer's bank makes you certain of payment by the importer if the documents comply with the terms of the credit are presented within the specified term.

  • LC Confirmations

    A AO Citibank Letter of Credit Confirmation allows exporters to mitigate both country risk and issuing-bank risk. This is particularly useful when your customer is located in a potentially unstable environment. A global presence and vast correspondent relationships allow AO Citibank to assist you wherever your business is conducted.

Bank Guarantees / Standby Letters of Credit

  • Letters of Guarantee

    Depending on your business requirements, you can choose from a wide range of AO Citibank Letters of Guarantee (performance guarantee, payment guarantee, customs bond, etc.) tailored to your specific needs.

  • Standby Letters of Guarantee

    With a AO Citibank Standby Letter of Credit the beneficiary will receive monetary indemnification should the applicant fail to perform a contractual obligation.

Structured Solutions

Having a global presence together with the outstanding network of correspondent bank relationships Citi can provide you with the specific Structured Trade solutions perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Some of examples of structured solutions:

  • Issuance of "fronted" Letters of Credit / Stand by Letters of Credit

    Sometimes there is a need to issue Letters of Credit/Standby Letters of Credit in favor of supplier abroad to cover large value CAPEX project (ex. purchasing of equipment) which can be hardly handled by one bank. Citi can provide a solution which will allow the issuance of the whole instrument by one "fronting" bank with participating part of the risk to the pre-agreed third party investor banks.

  • Syndicated facility for Letters of Credit / Stand by Letters of Credit issuance

    A large readily available facility could be arranged by pulling together a syndicate of high quality banks to enable you and your subsidiaries across the globe to concentrate the issuance of high volumes of Letters of Credit / Standby Letters of Credit with one bank.