Treasury Services

AO Citibank provides a full range of Treasury Products to clients in Russia, including FX, Money Markets, Derivatives and Capital Markets Financing Solutions.

Foreign Exchange

AO Citibank is one of the leading banks in Russian FX markets, servicing the full spectrum of client needs, whether large or small, spot or forwards, options or structured products.

AO Citibank provides Foreign Exchange dealing on the OTC market and on MICEX. The deals can be conducted via telephone, Bloomberg, Reuters as well as via CitiFX Pulse — our online FX hedging platform.


AO Citibank provides attractive deposit rates in Rubles, USD and Euros.

A wide range of deposits are available at AO Citibank, including time deposits, high-return deposits, market-linked deposits as well as dual currency deposits. We offer securities repos at attractive rates to clients wishing to finance their holdings of Government and Corporate Ruble bonds.

The procedure for receiving and the amount of compensation for deposits in accordance with the Federal Law "On Insurance of Deposits in Banks of the Russian Federation" and the Federal Law "On Amendments to Article 11 of the Federal Law "On Insurance of Deposits of Individuals in Banks of the Russian Federation" and Article 46 of the Federal Law "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)"


AO Citibank is one of the leaders in Russia in Financial Risk Management solutions for Russian corporates. Typically done under ISDA Documentation, our clients are able to hedge their Interest Rate, FX, Credit and Commodity Risks.

  • Foreign Exchange exposure analysis; forward, swap, option, zero-cost option structures
  • Interest Rate (IR) exposure — swap, option, zero-cost IR swap with embedded IR options
  • Future bond issue, loan — IR lock, credit rate lock, cross-currency swap
  • Credit — credit default swap, extinguishing swap
  • Commodities — forward, swap, option, zero-cost option structures
  • Hybrids — combination of several asset classes
  • Restructuring of existing deals
  • Providing information and training on forwards, swaps, options

Capital Markets Financing Solutions

AO Citibank provides a range of attractive Capital Markets Financing Solutions to clients in Russia, such as Domestic Ruble Bonds, Eurobonds and Structured Notes. This range of solutions allows our customers to tap a broad investor base, both in Russia and internationally, thus diversifying their funding sources to supplement bank and shareholder financing.

Interbank Trading

AO Citibank is one of the most active traders in the domestic interbank FX, Money Markets and Ruble Government & Corporate Bond markets.

Market Information and Analysis

  • Daily market reports on Russia's FX, Money Market and Fixed Income
  • Online trading and market information portal CitiFX Pulse
  • Russian economic developments and analysis
  • Global news and research
  • Option game seminars (computer simulation)
  • Technical analysis
  • Information and trainings on hedging products
  • Announcements on new RUB bond placements

CitiFX Pulse

CitiFX Pulse is a unique online FX hedging platform specially developed for global corporates' FX needs. This platform offers extensive and dynamic features with modules that you can fully customize to your needs, managing your FX business with pre-trade and multi-asset execution tools as well as our full suite of post-trade functionalities.

CitiFX Pulse has a comprehensive suite of Pre-Trade modules to assist with making the right trading decisions. It offers a customizable foreign exchange journal allowing you to constantly track recently executed FX transactions as well as historical details on screen.