Your security

24 hours a day 7 days a week Citibank provides safety of your bank account and credit card by means of an Advanced Fraud Early Warning System. Therefore it is very important always to have a feedback from the bank and update contact information in time: we will be able to contact you for possible fraud attempts prevention and transactions confirmation operatively.

An alert SMS about a suspicious transaction will be sent from short code 9278. To confirm or reject the transaction, you will need to reply by sending us an SMS with number 1 or 2. If you are roaming internationally or using a foreign number, text your reply to +44 7860 041394. Your outgoing SMS to short code 9278 will be free / to +44 7860 041394 the cost will be according to cell operator tariffs. Sometimes, e.g. if you are traveling, it may be more convenient to text than to speak to your banker.

pic_warningPay attention, that to use this service, your phone number should not be blocking SMS from short numbers (codes).

Citi takes your financial security very seriously. Please be cautious of communications that request you to act immediately and request for sensitive data such as username, password, one-time PIN etc.

If you suspect you have received a fraudulent phishing communication, please contact CitiPhone or forward the communication as an attachment to

For more information about phishing, click here.

Pay some time to find out the way Citibank protect your accounts and that You can improve this protection, using the simple rules:

Fraud prevention

  • SMS fraud prevention
  • E-mail fraud prevention
  • Phone fraud prevention


Safety online purchasing

Thanks to�the 3D�secure system's launching, You can shop in�the Internet using you Bank card and your Credit card usage became more safety.


Citibank Online safety usage

Citibank currently offers 3 levels of security to help safeguard your financial information:


Safety ATM usage

To prevent skimming fraud, we recommend the following precautions�


Bank card safety usage

We make serious efforts for security maintenance and money resources safety when you use your account and plastic cards.


If you are victim

In each fraud case or attempt Citibank makes investigation, and also co-operates with law enforcement to find fraudsters and to prevent (reduce) damage.