Fraud prevention
SMS fraud prevention

Phone fraud, along with E-mails and SMS, used for collecting sensitive information, are often similar to the real official calls.

Always remember

  • Citibank employee asks to provide mother`s maiden name (code word), indicated by you in the application for account or credit card opening, only for your authorization by CitiPhone,
  • Citibank employee never ask you to tell him the following sensitive information:

    • PIN code
    • TPIN code
    • login and password or one-time passwords to Citibank online system
    • one-time passwords for internet transactions

    This information is not required for Citibank employee.

    If you received suspicious phone call on behalf of Citibank, specify the call purpose, department, further contact the employee of CitiPhone service to specify authenticity of the call. Also specify cases of suspicious letters reception by mail (including electronic) on behalf of Citibank.

    Use only numbers indicated on the official site of Citibank — for connection to Citiphone!