Fraud prevention
SMS fraud prevention

Fraudsters use SMS to collect sensitive information and persuade customer to make financial transactions for benefit of third parties on various pretexts. Such SMS is often similar to the real official messages. However, the following characters help you to recognize SMS, which was sent by fraudsters:

  • Require to send, update or confirm sensitive information (codeword, PIN, TPIN etc.)
  • Contain the form for your personal data input.
  • Contain the information about receipts, which were not expected.
  • Asks you to enter Citibank Online systems using the link in the message.
  • Dispatch # is differ from the official one, using by AO Citibank.

Pay attention, AO Citibank use following phone numbers only for dispatch: 9278, 2582, +447860041394, Citibank and CitiAlert.

If you received suspicious SMS, we recommend you to inform CitiPhone.