Safety ATM usage

To prevent skimming fraud, we recommend the following precautions:

  • If you bank card was captured by ATM, you should call to Bank by the phone placed at ATM and explain the situation, also you should apply to CitiPhone and respect recommendations.
  • Do not use unfamiliar ATMs located in darken, deserted places as such ATMs are most convenient for fraudsters. Try to withdraw money from one and the same ATM, which placed inside branches and visible areas, and possibly memorize its outlook. Usually any legitimate improvements made in ATMs do not affect their outlook.
  • Before ATM usage, examine it for presence alien devices, placed over ATM keyboard, card reader bezel or ATM visor. Refrain from using such ATM.
  • Dial your PIN-code quickly and preferably using several fingers � it will be more difficult for fraudsters to find out on what buttons you press. Also cover keypad when dialing a PIN-code with your free hand, bag, etc.
  • Check balances of your bank accounts periodically. You are able to do it:
    • In statements,
    • Through ATM,
    • In Citibank Online,
    • In CitiPhone
    • By connecting bank notification service Citibank Alerting Service* , thanks to which you will immediately receive message on mobile phone concerning all operations under your account.

By this you will be able to prevent any fraud attempts operatively. Please, pay attention to messages which contain information of suspicious transactions.

* The service is chargeable in accordance with AO Citibank tariffs