Citibank Online safety usage

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your transaction with Citibank Online is completely secure, so that your account is safe. Our security features use the very latest technology and process as below.

Citibank currently offers 3 levels of security to help safeguard your financial information:

  • Strong Encryption (128-bit)

    All data sent to and from Citibank is 'scrambled' and 'resembled' between Citibank and your personal computer to protect your personal and financial information. Your PIN does not travel on the Internet during login authentication, and the session is Triple DES encrypted. Hence nobody can intercept your PIN while you are using Citibank Online.

  • Citibank Online Password

    Your Citibank Online Password must be entered every time you sign on to Citibank Online and when you performs a financial transactions in this system. Remember: always keep your Citibank Online password in secret.

  • Automatic Time Out

    There is a security feature intentionally built-in to the system. When there is no activity for reasonable time, Citibank will terminate your secure Citibank Online session to help protect against unauthorized access.

pic_warningIn case your mobile phone SIM card is blocked unexpectedly and your telecom service provider confirms release of your duplicate SIM card to an unauthorized person, please check your account and list of payees in Citibank Online or call CitiPhone. Please also run an anti-virus scan on your computer and then change your login and password. This may help you to prevent unauthorized access to / misuse of your Citibank account.

Security advices:

We want your online experience to be enjoyable and worry free. Banking online can be very convenient and secure if you take a few simple precautions. Here are a few suggestions to help you have a secure online banking experience.

  • Enter Citibank Online only using the official site

    AO Citibank never places links to page Citibank Online in out coming correspondence to customers.

  • Avoid entering Citibank Online in popular places of Internet services, for example Internet cafe. If you had to make transaction using PC of the general use, change your password from the personal PC after you used PC of the general use. It is very important, as there is a risk of interception Citibank plastic cards numbers, and also their passwords by means of special programs, built in PC of general use, without your permission.

  • Verify the address of every website, known as the URL. Make sure that the URL you want appears in the "address" or "location" box on your browser window. Some websites may appear to be legitimate but actually are counterfeits. Take a few extra seconds and type the URL yourself. Fraudulent "look alike" websites are designed to trick consumers and collect their personal information. Make sure that websites on which you transact business post privacy and security statements and review them carefully.

  • Look for the padlock symbol at the bottom right of a web page (or from the right of address line for IE 7 or upper versions) to ensure the site is running in secure mode BEFORE you input sensitive information.
  • Remember, Citibank never requests TPIN-code in Citibank Online.

    TPIN is used only for your authorization by phone during a call to CitiPhone.

  • Please remember that to sign on to Citibank Online you only need to enter your user ID and password.

    Please note that Citibank will request you to provide your card number, the cards valid thru date and your date of birth in Citibank Online in the following cases:

    • when you register for Citibank Online (when you create your user ID and password)
    • when you recover your user ID
    • when you reset your password
    • when you activate your card
  • Use Citibank Online system only in PC, protected by anti-virus programs and timely update anti-virus databases.

    Put modern anti-virus software and personal firewall on your personal PC. It is necessary to update anti-virus software frequently for protection against new viruses and harmful programs. Personal firewall allows preventing unapproved access to your PC from Internet or from a local network. Its use is especially necessary on PCs with high-speed access to Internet.

  • Verify Date/Time of your last visit of Citibank Online. When you sign in you can see the last time you visited by going to the home page and looking at the top.
  • Log off.

    Do not just close your browser. Follow the secure area exit instructions to ensure your protection.