Bank card safety usage

We make serious efforts for security maintenance and money resources safety when you use your account and plastic cards. However full protection is impossible without your participation and observance of some simple rules by you:

  • Upon receiving a new plastic card, sign it on the back side immediately for mitigate the risk of bank card usage without your permission in case of card loss.
  • Create reliable passwords or PIN–codes for your accounts and in Internet. Choose a combination of symbols which is difficult to be guessed by third parties. Use letters and figures, and also a combination of small and capital letters if it's possible.
  • Always keep in secret Personal identification number (PIN-code), telephone identification number (TPIN-code) and password access to the accounts through Internet-banking system Citibank Online, it will be better if you remember them.
  • PIN–code cannot be written down on a card or be kept nearby, for example, in a purse or in a place available to strangers, because in case of theft or loss a purse a fraudster will have all necessary information for cash withdrawal from the account. Create identification number different from your date of birth or other dates which can be "divined" by fraudsters concerning your plastic card.
  • In case of having the supposition that your PIN- and/or TPIN-codes were disclosed, You have to change these codes through CitiPhone
  • Never accept recommendations, advice, help from the third parties during bank card use.
  • Destroy copies of checks and other documents where your account or plastic card number is indicated.
  • Ensure that your card is used by third parties (waitress, shop assistant, etc.) only for known purposes.
  • Do not use equipments, which request PIN-code entering for access to the 24-hour ATM area. If you have several bank cards, use one for the card reader when opening the door in the 24-hour ATM area, and enter another one into ATM.
  • Change PIN regularly. At least, once in 30 – 60 days.
  • Inform the bank about large expenses planned or a forthcoming trip abroad by sending a request via Citibank Online (Service Center � Write To Us � Send Request � Travel Notification).
  • Do not keep more funds on your primary account than you currently need. You may transfer excessive funds to savings accounts, deposits, or investment products. The fewer funds you have on the primary account, the lower the risk of any unauthorized activity.