Safety online purchasing

Thanks toáthe 3Dásecure system's launching, You can shop ináthe Internet using you Bank card and your Credit card usage became more safety.


  • Safe: Your card is protected by a one-time password available to you and you alone and good for one purchase only. Your money is in the hands of none other than yourself!
  • Simple: Noáneed for registrationጠpressing one button atáthe time ofápurchase isáall itátakes toáactivate 3DáSecure.
  • Convenient: Noáneed toáremember your password. Aáone-time password will beátexted toáyou each time you make aápurchase atáaáparticipating online merchant.

3D Secure is a unique technology behind the global programs MasterCard® SecureCode™ andáVerified by Visa designed to ensure safe online shopping.

To identify participating merchants, look for the logos

MasterCard® SecureCode™

Verified by Visa

At the time of your first purchase at a participating online merchant, you will be prompted to activate 3D Secure for your Citibank debit or credit card.

Once 3D Secure has been activated, you will automatically be prompted to enter your password each time you make a purchase at participating online merchants. The password, which is a one-time password only good for one purchase, will be texted to the mobile phone number that you have given us. Your payment will be authorized upon successful entry of the password. Only you can use your card.


You must promptly notify us of any change in your mobile phone number by doing any of the following:

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