Here you will find latest information about Fees and Commissions and interest rates offered by AO Citibank.

These Tariffs constitute an integral part of AO Citibank Banking Service Agreement. The amounts of commissions fees and charges and the scope of services and products specified in these Tariffs as well as interest rates may be amended from time to time by AO Citibank at its sole discretion as provided in the Bank Services Conditions.

We would also remind you that under the Banking Services Agreement you undertake to pay all applicable banking fees, commissions and charges as set out in the Tariffs. If there is no funds in your account(s) on the date such fees, commissions and/or charges become due and payable, they will continue to accrue and will be charged, in full or in part, upon the first receipt of funds in the account(s).

Please also note that Russian tax law provides that, after a certain period of time, the amount of banking fees, commissions and charges accrued but unpaid for lack of funds is recognized as the customer�s taxable income.

You can also get latest information on interest rates through Citibank Online or at CitiPhone.

* for the customers who have entered into the Banking Services Agreement with Citibank package from 06.04.2018