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"Qualified Investor" is a status that was introduced by Russian Federation law to protect the interests of investors.

In spring 2009, amendments were made to Russian Federation law that defined a new procedure for trading in foreign issued securities in the Russian Federation. Under those amendments, foreign securities that are not publicly offered and/or not traded freely in Russia, and foreign financial instruments other than securities, may not be offered to an unlimited number of investors or to unqualified investors, and may be acquired and/or sold only by qualified investors as defined by Russian law (Federal Law 74-FZ of May 16, 2009).

Because of the new law, Citibank will only be able to offer personal consultations on international investment and provide services to invest funds in international assets if you have Qualified Investor status.

Benefits - What does Qualified Investor status provide?

By acquiring Qualified Investor status, you can enjoy all the benefits of international diversification that Citibank offers its clients and be able to invest your funds in international financial instruments.

By diversifying your investment portfolio and investing in foreign markets, you can select investments in the more stable world markets and have access to a wider choice of investments and a more flexible investment system.

Qualified Investor status has no time limitation, but if you want to drop the status completely, or only with respect to certain types of services provided or certain types of securities, you can do this at any time.

Requirements - Who can become a Qualified Investor?

An individual may be recognized as a qualified investor if he/she satisfies any of the following criteria:

1. Holds securities and/or financial derivative contracts entered into for the account of the client, with a total value/total liabilities no less than RUB 6,000,000, that meet statutory requirements. Financial instruments put by the individual into a trust are also included in the calculation of total value/total liabilities.

2. Has work experience in a Russian and/or foreign organization:

  • no less than two (2) years if such organization(s) is (are) a qualified investor(s) under the Federal Law On the Securities Market;
  • no less than three (3) years in other cases.

The work experience review will take account of the work performed in the five (5) years preceding the date of filing an application to be recognized as a qualified investor and directly associated with financial instrument transactions, preparation of relevant investment advisory recommendations, risk management of such financial instrument transactions; or of the work performed in the job function which is a subject to the Central Bank authorization in accordance with the local law regulations.

3. Entered into securities transactions and/or financial derivative contracts at an average frequency of at least ten per quarter, but no less frequently than once a month, over the previous four quarters, the total value of such transactions and/or contracts being no less than RUB 6,000,000.

4. The value of assets owned by the individual is no less than RUB 6,000,000. Such assets will only include the following:

  • money in the accounts and/or on deposits opened at credit organizations in accordance with the Bank of Russia's regulations, and/or at foreign banks registered in the countries listed in subparagraphs 1 and 2 of paragraph 2 of article 51.1 of the Federal Law "On the Securities Market", and accrued interest;
  • claims to a credit organization to pay the cash equivalent of a precious metal at the book price of such precious metal;
  • securities that meet statutory requirements, including those put by the individual into a trust.

5. Has a higher education degree in economics as evidenced by an official Russian higher education qualification document issued by a higher professional education institution which, at the time of document issue, carried out the certification of individuals in the sphere of professional activity in the securities market; or holds any of the following qualifications or certificates: qualification in financial markets which is certified in accordance with the item 4 clause 4 of the Federal Law 238-FZ of July 3, 2016 "On independent assessment of qualification"; or not less than one of the following international certificates as defined by the Central Bank: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified International Analyst (CIIA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM).

How can I obtain Qualified Investor status?

Obtaining Qualified Investor status with Citibank is a simple process that involves taking just a few steps to become qualified.

After completing the qualification procedure, you can access all the benefits of international diversification, and we can recommend the optimum choice of products for you.

If you would like to obtain Qualified Investor status, you can:

  • complete the online form and a Citibank specialist will contact you to answer your questions and discuss necessary steps
  • contact your Citibank Relationship Manager
  • call Brokerage Line on the numbers below:

    +7 (495) 775–78–58 in Moscow,
    +7 (812) 346–78–58 in St. Petersburg,
    8 (800) 700–78–58 in other cities in Russia