Investment Risk Profiles

You do not want any capital risk, and you want no negative return even on a short term basis. Returns roughly in line with cash deposits are acceptable.

You want to preserve capital and are willing to accept small short term risk in order to get a return, over time, slightly above cash deposits.

You want a relatively predictable return, over 2-3 years somewhat higher than cash deposits. You are willing to take some risk and accept some fluctuations in returns.

You want your capital to grow and are willing to take some moderate risk. You expect better returns than cash deposits but understand you may occasionally experience negative returns.

You want your capital to grow over a 3 year period or longer, at the end of which you expect a significant positive return. You are willing to accept significant losses in the hope of a long term gain.

You want to maximize your capital growth over a 3 year period or longer. You are willing to accept significant risk and volatility, even possible loss of a portion of your initial investment.

Investment Products: Not government insured. Not a bank deposit. No bank guarantee. May lose value, including the possible loss of principal invested.

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