New Citi Mobile Possibilities
for Credit Cardholders

  • Quick cash advance.
  • Rewards, special offers, and much more.
Traffic fines and taxes are
now in Citi Mobile®, too!

Pay quickly, pay fee-free!
Multiple currencies
on one card!

Link your debit card via Citi Mobile
to an account in the currency you
need to save on foreign exchange
fees while travelling.
Aeroflot-Citibank Visa Signature
A card for flying high

  • Up to 1.8 miles per –≥60/€1/$1
  • Free internet access in roaming*
  • Special priveleges from Visa

    Signature partners*

* Please visit the website to learn about restrictions

Citi Mobile

New Possibilities for Credit Cardholders


Traffic fines and taxes, and no fee


Multiple currencies on one card!


A card for traveling