Online Cash Deposits at Citibank ATMs


Your time is precious!

Citibank customers can use our instant cash deposit machines to deposit cash to their accounts or make credit card or loan repayments. Such ATMs are easily recognizable as they are marked with a special green sticker.

  • Instant*: The account is credited in real time and the deposited funds are available for use immediately
  • 24/7: No need to wait in line at the teller's window or worry about the operating hours. Our ATMs are available around the clock
  • Free: No deposit fees
  • Convenient: No matter what card you use, credit or debit, the ATM will give you a choice of all your accounts
  • With or without a card: If you don't have a Citibank card yet or if you are making a deposit to a Citibank customer's account, you can deposit your cash without a card

How to make an ATM deposit

  • Make sure that you are depositing rubles, as only ruble deposits are accepted.
  • The ATM accepts bills only. Make sure that you insert maximum 30 bills at once. Stack your bills and insert the stack into the ATM deposit slot. No envelopes or clips please.
  • If you deposit your cash without a card, you need to enter the 20-digit account number or the 16-digit card number for crediting.
  • Make sure to choose the destination of deposit correctly.

Loan — Equal monthly payments into the ruble current account. For loan repayment, please use any of your Citibank cards and choose «Loan» as the destination of deposit. The funds will be automatically credited to the ruble current account (each monthly installment will be automatically debited from the ruble current account when due).

Credit Card — Payment of the total outstanding balance or the minimum payment amount by the due date specified in the credit card statement. For credit card repayment, please use any of your Citibank cards and choose the credit card number as the destination of deposit.

Ruble current or savings account — Deposit to an account.

How to report a problem?

If you encounter a technical problem or malfunction during your deposit transaction, please contact our branch staff or call CitiPhone on the number provided below:

+7 (495) 775-75-75 in Moscow;

+7 (812) 336-75-75 in St. Petersburg, or

  8 (800) 700-38-38 elsewhere in Russia.

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* Citibank has the discretion to extend the time for cash deposit processing in exceptional cases.